"Mission of No Return": Guy Gardner is trapped in the Phantom Zone and is being controlled by three exiled Kryptonians including General Zod.

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Guy Gardner is trapped in the Phantom Zone and is being controlled by three exiled Kryptonians including General Zod.

Green Lantern goes to Superman's Fortress of Solitude where Superman sends him (and a lead case) into the Phantom Zone. The Kryptonians can focus their wills through Guy and control his ring, but Green Lantern opens his case revealing Anti-Kryptonite which is deadly to the phantoms. A yellow beam of light pulls Guy away. Green Lantern takes the Anti-Kryptonite and leaves. He deduces that Sinestro was behind Guy's disappearance.

Green Lantern has a quick argument with Green Arrow and goes home to recharge his ring where Kari finds him. Hal left Kari at the altar but she realizes he is leaving to rescue her other love, Guy, and wishes him well.

Green Lantern finds a one-way portal into Qward. He waits for Sinestro to appear but Guy appears first. Scanning him, Green Lantern discovers Guy is being controlled by Sinestro. The two fight, but Sinestro gets the upper hand by encasing Guy in a yellow bubble which he slowly contracts. He promises to stop once Green Lantern gives up his power ring. Stalling for time, Green Lantern asks to make sure Guy is still alive. He realizes that the space in Qward is not airless. He quickly zaps numerous planetoids, turning them to dust, then creates a fan to blow the dust in Sinestro's face. Sinestro becomes temporarily blinded and Green Lantern attacks. Guy, drifting towards rocks, calls for help. Green Lantern rescues him during which Sinestro escapes. Guy is taken to Mercy Memorial Hospital where the doctor says he's never encountered this time of brain damage before. Kari arrives to take care of him and Green Lantern vows to continue searching for Sinestro.


  • This book was first published on September 27, 1979.
  • Starting this issue, the series returns to Green Lantern solo adventures. Series was previously titled Green Lantern and Green Arrow.
  • Hal mentions the channel that leads to Qward is permanently sealed on the Qward side (i.e. it's a one-way portal). It is not explained how he returns to the positive universe.
  • The two unnamed Zoners are possibly Doctor Xa-Du and Erndine Ze-Da.


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