"Five Billion Years": The entirety of the Green Lantern Corps is called back to Oa for a special announcement. Dozens of Lanterns return from their respective space sectors carrying various super-villains in tow.

Quote1.png All Green Lanterns fear Sinestro, the one traitor to your verdant ranks! And well you should! Quote2.png

Green Lantern (Volume 2) #200 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 2) with a cover date of May, 1986. It was published on February 20, 1986.

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Synopsis for "Five Billion Years"

The entirety of the Green Lantern Corps is called back to Oa for a special announcement. Dozens of Lanterns return from their respective space sectors carrying various super-villains in tow.

On Zamaron, Guy Gardner engages in combat against Star Sapphire. The two enemies trade shots with one another, until they both find themselves the victim of Hector Hammond's mental manipulation. Guy and Sapphire both have reason to hate Hal Jordan, and they agree to work together with Hammond to bring Jordan down.

Hal Jordan meanwhile, finds himself on a desolate moon where he meets his close ally the Flash. The Flash has been missing since the Crisis and he even tells Hal that he fears he may actually be dead. The image of the Flash fades only to be replaced with that of another deceased comrade Tomar-Re. Hal doesn't understand what is going on. Tomar-Re fades away, and in his place is Carol Ferris. At first, Hal thinks that this is merely another illusion, but the illusion proves to be real as Carol switches into her Star Sapphire identity. Guy Gardner is present as well, and both follow Hector Hammond's instructions to attack Jordan. Jordan's willpower proves momentarily stronger than Hammond's, and the psychic feedback is enough to make Hammond's physical body (still located on Earth) fall over unconscious.

Meanwhile, John Stewart and Katma Tui are soaring through space, bringing the former Guardian Appa Ali Apsa back to Oa. The Weaponers of Qward arrive and attack their vessel. John goes outside to deal with the threat head-on, leaving Katma Tui inside to navigate the ship. Appa manages to use his former Guardian status to momentarily distract the Weaponers, thereby giving John and Katma the upper hand. The Qwardians know that the cause is lost and retreat.

Before long, everyone arrives on Oa. All of the Lanterns are gathered into the main citadel and Appa joins the ranks of his fellow Guardians. Also in attendance is a contingent of Zamarons. The Guardians open the assembly and declare that their race has become stagnant and that it is time for them to move and evolve. They are leaving Oa, and enabling the Green Lantern Corps the ability to police themselves. As the Zamarons are the female counterparts to the Guardians, they are expected to journey with them. Nadia Safir, leader of the Zamaron armies disagrees with the Guardians and challenges them to a trial by combat. Nadia faces the Guardian Herupa Hando Hu, but loses. In defeat, the Zamarons agree to accompany the Guardians, and they will evolve together in an effort to produce the next generation of immortals. As the Guardians prepare to leave, one of them notices that his "brother" is an imposter. Sinestro managed to escape from his Sciencell and impersonated one of the Guardians, Pazu Pinder Pol. He intended on leaving with the Guardians to serves as a "snake in their garden of Eden". The Guardians quickly subdue him and return Sinestro to his Sciencell. With that, they bid goodbye to the Green Lantern Corps, and the Guardians and Zamarons disappear hand in hand through a spatial rift – never to return.


  • Double-sized Anniversary final issue. The series continues as The Green Lantern Corps with issue #201.
  • Herupa Hando Hu and Pazu Pinder Pol are named for the first time in this issue. Although Pazu is identified as Sinestro in disguise, the real Pazu Pinder Pol is present among the other twenty-two known Guardians.
  • Nadia Safir is named for the first time in this issue. Both Nadia and Herupa Hando Hu will become prominent characters in the eight-issue weekly limited series Millennium.
  • The Flash died in Crisis on Infinite Earths #8.


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