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"Secret Origin of the Guardians!": On Earth-Two, Alan Scott is shocked to find that his power ring is not working against a yellow meteor, and yet it is able to save Doiby Dickles' car from a falling tree. Real

Quote1.png I've done everything you've ever asked me! I've never shirked a duty! I've suffered and fought--and now you suddenly take away my status as Green Lantern--and give it to Alan Scott? Why? Why? WHY? Quote2.png
Hal Jordan

Green Lantern (Volume 2) #40 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 1965.

Synopsis for "Secret Origin of the Guardians!"

On Earth-Two, Alan Scott is shocked to find that his power ring is not working against a yellow meteor, and yet it is able to save Doiby Dickles' car from a falling tree. Realizing that his power ring seems to have the same properties of the Earth-One Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, Scott travels to Earth-One to tell his alternate reality counterpart of his discovery. However, when Alan tries to show Hal what his power ring can do on Earth-One, he finds that the effect has worn off. Realizing that there might be more going on, Hal suggests they probe Alan's power ring to find out what happened.

The ring begins by explaining that millions of years ago on the planet Oa on Earth-One, a scientist named Krona tried to view the creation of the universe with a device—something that was forbidden by the Oa society—however in viewing creation he caused a chain reaction that destroyed his device and created evil in the universe. As punishment, Krona was converted into energy and sent to spend eternity circling the various universes in existence. The Oans then created the Green Lanterns to police the universe and defend it from evil. The ring then explains that the yellow meteor that Alan tried to stop was really Krona, who was able to then transfer his being into Alan's power ring to piggy back into Earth-One.

Contacting the Guardians, they tell the two Green Lanterns that they are aware of the situation and that Krona is somewhere on Earth. As Krona builds a new device to recreate his original experiment, the two Green Lanterns battle environmental forces that are thrown at them as a result of Krona's experiments.

Not wishing to be interrupted by the two heroes, Krona uses his mental powers to manipulate the Guardians to come to Earth, and demands that Hal turn his title of Green Lantern over to Alan Scott. While Hal is shocked by this revelation, Krona takes control of Alan's body and attacks Hal with it. With Hal defeated, Krona has the Guardians brought to his hideout while the spirit of Alan Scott helps Hal track down it's location. Hal battles Krona and destroys his machine and frees the Guardians. The Guardians then banish Krona once more, and once Alan is restored to his body, the two Green Lanterns part company, Alan returning back to Earth-Two.

Appearing in "Secret Origin of the Guardians!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Krona (First appearance) (Flashback and main story)

Other Characters:

  • Maltusians (referred as Oans) (Flashback only)
  • Ki-Nilg (First appearance) (Flashback only)





  • There is an error in the page 13. The narrator refers to Alan and Hal being on Earth-Two, but they are on Earth-One.
  • This issue told the origin of the Guardians of the Universe and established that the DC Universe was comprised of an infinite number of parallel earths, populated by different versions of Earth-One's heroes.[2]
  • This is the first team-up between Hal Jordan and Alan Scott; They met for the first time in Justice League of America #21. This is also the first time Alan Scott meets the Guardians of the Universe.

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  1. Subsequent stories refer to Maltus as the place where the Maltusians originated, a race who evolved into the Guardians of the Universe (Oans), when they migrated to Oa millions of years later. So in the flashback, they are mistakenly described as Oans.
  2. Vintage DC Comics 2010 Calendar
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