"Catastrophic Crimes of Major Disaster!": Hal Jordan and Barry Allen are both shocked when they learn that both Carol Ferris and Iris West have found out their secret identities. Having

Green Lantern (Volume 2) #43 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 2) with a cover date of March, 1966.

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Synopsis for "Catastrophic Crimes of Major Disaster!"

Hal Jordan and Barry Allen are both shocked when they learn that both Carol Ferris and Iris West have found out their secret identities. Having Flash bring Iris to Coast City so that they can have a double date with Carol and Green Lantern, their date is soon interrupted by an earthquake created by the new criminal Major Disaster. While the Flash saves civilians, Green Lantern goes after Major Disaster, however Disaster manages to escape. Hal realizes that the the secret of their identities might have come out if somebody had read Pieface's secret case book, deducing that although he blanked out Pieface's mind to never remember Flash's secret identity, he never thought to condition the case book to shield his and Flash's secret identities to anybody else.

Checking at Pieface's home, they find that book has indeed been looked at by somebody other than Pieface. Dusting it for finger prints, the two heroes turn it over to the police for analyzing the finger prints. When they return to Hal's dressing room so that Hal can recharge his power ring, the two heroes are shocked to find that their powers have switched. Returning back to the police station, they learn that there are two sets of prints, one belonging to Pieface, and the other to a Paul Booker.

Using his Green Lantern-like powers, Flash tracks down the location of Paul Booker to Major Disaster's hideout. While the heroes are on their way, Major Disaster boasts about how he learned of the heroes identities one night when he had broken into Pieface's home to escape the police and came across his Green Lantern case book by stroke of luck. When Major Disaster sends meteors to crash into Coast City, the two heroes go to stop Disaster. Taking the fight to him, and switching their powers back, the heroes make it to Major Disasters lair. Disaster is about to activate one of his devices, but in his hurry to destroy Green Lantern and Flash, he forgets to put on his insulated gloves and electrocutes himself and seemingly dies. Afterwards, they find that the people of Coast City have suddenly forgot all the events of the day, including Carol and Iris who no longer know their secret identities. Hal and Barry surmise that it was probably due to the meteors which Major Disaster attempted to use against them. The two heroes then resume their normal lives, knowing that their identities are safe once more.



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