"And A Child Shall Destroy Them!": While walking down the street, Carol Ferris bumps into a stranger, and is subsequently cursed by a young girl named Sybil, and she falls in a seizure.

Quote1.png I've got a lot to say, and I'm not much good at speeches, so please don't interrupt me. When I saw, a little while ago, the strength of Green Arrow's love for Dinah, I realized that I've been denying myself that sort of strength... because I was proud, because I insisted on my own terms... because I demanded you accept me, not as the dashing Green Lantern, but as plain... Hal Jordan! Quote2.png
Green Lantern reveals his secret identity to Carol Ferris

Green Lantern (Volume 2) #83 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 2) with a cover date of May, 1971.

Appearing in "And A Child Shall Destroy Them!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Grandy the Cook (Only appearance; dies)
    • Sybil (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Jason Belmore (Single appearance)


  • Meadowhill School



Synopsis for "And A Child Shall Destroy Them!"

While walking down the street, Carol Ferris bumps into a stranger, and is subsequently cursed by a young girl named Sybil, and she falls in a seizure.

A month later, Dinah Lance decides to take a job as a teacher at Meadowhill School, accompanied by her friends Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan. They are suddenly attacked by a flock of birds, requiring the men to put on their costumes to protect Dinah. When the birds are dealt with, they decide to see if her new boss knows anything about the occurrence.

They are greeted at the door by the man who Carol had bumped into earlier, who introduces himself as Grandy, the cook. He is accompanies by Sybil. The owner of the school, Jason Belmore, introduces himself, but expresses disapproval of the costumed heroes, prompting Green Arrow and Green Lantern to leave. Strangely, Mr. Belmore seems to have made them leave at Grandy's behest. Grandy directs Sybil to make the heroes sorry.

Outside, Green Arrow and Green Lantern notice Carol hanging around their car in a wheelchair. Carol has them drive her away, and explains her case. She reveals that Belmore is her fiancé, but that he seems changed. Suddenly, Green Arrow loses control of the vehicle, which crashes. If not for Green Lantern's ring they might all have died. They soon realize that they have left Dinah in danger.

After dismissing her final class early, Dinah realizes that the children are oddly quiet and inanimate. Grandy appears and chastises her, ominously promising punishment for the early dismissal. Dinah returns to her room and dons her costume as Black Canary. She easily defeats a reluctant Mr. Belmore and Grandy, but Sybil's powers cause her to collapse on the floor. She is dragged to the cellar by the children, where Grandy releases angry wasps to attack her.

Green Arrow and Green Lantern arrive to save her, but they are soon incapacitated by Sybil's powers. Green Arrow uses a trick arrow to distract her, allowing them to escape and find Dinah. Green Lantern deals with the wasps, and Dinah is alive, fortunately. Green Lantern angrily confronts Grandy, who once agains calls upon Sybil to punish him. This time, though, Sybil refuses, saying she wants to be like a normal child. When Grandy angrily slaps Sybil across the face, she uses her powers again – not to punish Green Lantern, but instead to bring the wing of the building down around them. Green Lantern and Green Arrow manage to escape with Mr. Belmore, Dinah, and the children, but Grandy and Sybil are trapped inside, and are presumed to have perished when the wing collapses.

Before leaving, Green Lantern reveals his identity to Carol, and confesses his love for her. She is unsurprised, and accepts his feelings, finally. As they walk away, Sybil appears to be seen standing over Hal's discarded domino mask. Has she somehow survived?



  • According to the introduction by Dick Giordano for Green Lantern/Green Arrow Volume Two, the likenesses of Sybil and Grandy were actually those of President Richard Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew respectively — neither of whom was popular with Neal Adams.

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