"Haunted by the Past": The story continues from the previous issue, where we see Kyle Rayner, the current Green Lantern, flying into Warriors, which is completely destroyed. He was supposed to meet [[John Stewart (New Earth)|John Stewar

Quote1 I have to think this through. Parallax is Hal. Hal when he went over the edge after Coast City was destroyed. Truthfully, I'm Green Lantern because Hal became Parallax. He wanted to make things right, tried to re-order the universe to his own design. But Parallax should be dead. He died reigniting the sun and saving the Earth, redeeming himself in the process. Quote2
Kyle Rayner

Green Lantern (Volume 3) #105 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 3) with a cover date of October, 1998.

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Synopsis for "Haunted by the Past"

The story continues from the previous issue, where we see Kyle Rayner, the current Green Lantern, flying into Warriors, which is completely destroyed. He was supposed to meet John Stewart and Guy Gardner to see some blueprints about expanding Warriors. He can't find John or Guy anywhere, but hears a voice and removes some debris, and finds John and puts him on a construct of a chair. Kyle doesn't know who did this, but thinks Sonar, Major Disaster, and Darkseid went on a rampage in the bar. They then find Guy behind the bar. He looks better than he feels, but his Vuldarian heritage is healing himself. Kyle asks both of them what happened, but Guy tells him not what happened, but who happened, and tells Kyle that it was Hal who wrecked the bar. Guy tells Kyle what happened.

John and Guy were looking at blueprints on expanding the bar, waiting for Kyle to show up and give his opinion. Suddenly, Hal Jordan suddenly pops up right behind Guy, scaring him completely. He tells them that he just wanted to talk. Guy and John think that this is the Hal that came ten years from the past. But, when Hal looks at the statue of himself, and calls himself naive, John notices that this isn't the Hal that they know because this Hal looks older. Hal tells John that he's right and transforms into Parallax and attacks them, wondering where the younger Hal is. Both of them attack Parallax, but they are outclassed. Guy then activates his Vuldarian powers and attacks Parallax, with their powers equally matched initially, but Parallax manages to defeat Guy. John walks up by the bar and sees his hands glowing with green energy. When Parallax is about to destroy Guy, John unleashes that power on Parallax, which stuns him for a moment, but Parallax just gets up and drains the remaining power from John. Guy then comes up and tells Parallax that he will tell him where the younger Hal is if he lets John go, which Parallax does. Guy then tells him that Hal is living at the Justice League Watchtower. But, he tells Parallax that he has to go through him to get there, and reactivates his powers. Parallax charges at Guy and a huge explosion occurs that destroys the bar. Once the smoke clears, we see only Parallax standing. He then blasts through the ceiling and flies towards the Watchtower.

Now that Kyle knows what happened and where Parallax is heading, he heads off towards the Watchtower, and tells Guy to take John to the hospital. Kyle is bewildered as to how Parallax can still be alive, since he died reigniting the sun, and what Parallax is going to do once he finds his younger self. Meanwhile, in the Watchtower, Hal is looking at the stars, when Martian Manhunter walks up behind him and tells him that he'll be retiring for the night to meditate, and that the Watchtower is all to himself. He also tells Hal that he's glad that he's back, and Hal tells him that he is as well, as he sees a streak of green energy heading towards him.

As Kyle is flying towards the moon, he catches up to Parallax and knocks him onto the surface of the Moon. Parallax doesn't know who Kyle is, but Kyle tells him that he does know him as Green Lantern. But, Parallax tells him that there are no Green Lanterns anymore. Kyle is then told by Parallax that he's a time-traveller from the future, who sensed a disturbance in the timestream, his younger self had arrived in this era when he wasn't supposed to be, and that he's here to return him to his proper time. Kyle then realizes that this is the Parallax from when he tried to re-order the universe, and tells Parallax that he should be the one going back to his time, but Parallax tells him that it is not an option and attacks Kyle. The battle between the two is tremendous, but Kyle knows that he can't beat Parallax when it comes down to raw power, so he decides to be creative. He then creates a construct of Kilowog, who was killed by Parallax in Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight, just before he killed Sinestro and the Guardians of the Universe. At first, Parallax is surprised to see his former mentor, but realizes that he's not real and destroys the Kilowog construct and resumes his attack on Kyle. Kyle then realizes that if Parallax is here out of his time, then so is the younger Hal. If the younger Hal stays in this time, then he'll never become Parallax and Kyle will never get the ring. But, Kyle also realizes that if Hal doesn't become Parallax, then Parallax wouldn't reignite the Sun and die, and Earth would be destroyed. Kyle tries to stop the battle so that he can talk with Parallax, but Parallax sends a beam around Kyle and strikes him from behind. Parallax stands above Kyle and tells him that it's too late to talk, or anything else except to find Hal Jordan. But, Parallax is told not to bother, as he turns around and sees the younger Hal Jordan charging towards him, as the issue ends and the battle between Parallax and Hal Jordan continues in the next issue.


  • John's powers were given to him by Parallax in Parallax: Emerald Night #1 during The Final Night event, which allowed him to walk again. Now that the power is drained from him, John is once again paralyzed and won't be able to walk again until Green Lantern #147.
  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.


  • Kyle mentions the destruction of Coast City, which happened in Superman #80 during the Reign of the Supermen storyline. He also mentions the time when Parallax tried to re-order the universe, which happened during the Zero Hour crisis, and also mentions the time when Parallax sacrificed himself to reignite the Sun and save the Earth, which happened the final issue of The Final Night event.

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