"The Chore... The Core... The Corps.": On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe use their powers to repair the shattered Central Power Battery.

Green Lantern (Volume 3) #13 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 3) with a cover date of June, 1991.

Appearing in "The Chore... The Core... The Corps."

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Synopsis for "The Chore... The Core... The Corps."

On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe use their powers to repair the shattered Central Power Battery.

Back on Earth, Guy Gardner resolves to blow off some steam by getting into a fight. He tracks down Kilowog at the Justice League Embassy headquarters in New York City, attacking without provocation. Kilowog playfully brawls with Guy, making wise-cracks. However, he eventually becomes disinterested in the fight, when Guy fails to observe the niceties of fighting.

Guy admits that he feels insecure in his role as the sole Green Lantern of Earth, commenting that he feels like a placeholder for Hal Jordan, who is out finding new recruits for the Green Lantern Corps. The discussion leads to the fact that Guy has more or less promised G'nort that he would help him get a place in the Corps. Kilowog is disgusted, knowing that G'nort is a functional idiot, but Guy feels he owes him. Kilowog warns that pleading on G'nort's behalf with the Guardians could get him kicked out of the Corps, and Guy decides not to keep his promise.

On the planet G'newt, G'nort and his uncle G'newmann find themselves as outcasts among their people, having been false Green Lanterns who used their rings for their own gain. G'newmann is resigned to the fact that they didn't deserve their power, but G'nort is depressed, having been well-intentioned, if misguided.

Guy appears, and drags G'nort off into space to Oa. He is compelled to change his mind again, when G'nort selflessly gives him a heartfelt gift. Frustrated, he takes G'nort to see the one guy he knows that can get out of anything.

While fighting one of the straggling Weaponers of Qward, Hal Jordan projects his thoughts to his new recruits to the Corps. His newest recruit, Brik, is highly impressed, but unsure of her own place in the Corps. However, her discussion with Hal is cut short when Hal catches Larvox in the act of trying to crush their Qwardian prisoners with his Green Lantern Ring.

Larvox believes that the taboo against killing individual organisms is a false value, prompting Hal to argue that the Guardians' directives are the priority. While they argue, one of the prisoners is freed, and signals to his compatriots. As Brik comes to Hal's defense, and her argument with Larvox comes to a head, Hal becomes victim to a blast from the Qwardian prisoners.

Brik, believing that Hal is dead, swears vengeance. Larvox challenges her, calling her change of mind with regard to killing hypocritical. Ultimately, Brik favors the call of duty, and leaves the prisoners alive, and for the sake of unity, Larvox agrees to stay true to duty. Hal, alive and well, is impressed. He orchestrated the whole altercation as a way to demonstrate the need for unity and commitment to duty within the Corps. As they return to Oa, they are intercepted by Guy Gardner, who is hoping Hal will solve his dilemma with regard to G'nort.

Meanwhile, on Oa, John Stewart has trouble getting Katma Tui off of his mind, while he helps the Guardians and the residents of the cities there recover. The Guardians ask Stewart to test the Central Power Battery by charging his ring. When he attempts this, a strange red energy form invaded the transmission, to the Guardians' great interest. Stewart doesn't sense anything unusual, and the Guardians conclude that the battery is completely repaired.

The Guardians prefer to focus their energies on the Corps, while Stewart is disturbed by the turmoil that occurs on Oa, because of the mosaic of cities transplanted there from other worlds. The Guardians suggest that taking care of those cities will be a chance to redeem himself for the destruction of an entire planet.

Hal and Guy appear, having finally brought the new recruits to meet the Guardians. When the Guardians arrive, Hal encourages Guy to recommend G'nort for the Corps. After some serious internal struggling, Guy blurts out the whole story, and comes to his point. After hearing his plea, the Guardians burst into laughter, surprisingly. Even more surprisingly, they admit G'nort to the Corps, to be under the charge of Guy Gardner in Sector 2814.

Finally, the gathered Green Lantern Corps all charge their rings at the newly restored Central Power Battery.


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