"Prodigal Son": Somewhere in the Antimatter Universe, the Qwardians are preparing to make a new yellow ring.

Green Lantern (Volume 3) #130 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 3) with a cover date of November, 2000.

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Synopsis for "Prodigal Son"

Somewhere in the Antimatter Universe, the Qwardians are preparing to make a new yellow ring.

Meanwhile, Green Lantern finds himself on a space station of the Manhunters with a techno-organic virus spreading over his body. Despite his weakened state, Green Lantern continues to fight back. He is able to blow a hole into the space station, but when he tries to flee, he is surrounded by dozens of Manhunters. As they seem to crush him, Kyle uses his power for a huge detonation.

On Earth, Kyle's assistant Terry Berg wants to pick up the first finished comic strip at Kyle's appartment. As nobody opens the door, Terry uses some spare keys to enter the appartment. His is astonished when he sees half of the furniture is destroyed and there is a huge hole in the roof. John Stewart is there as well and he tells Terry a cover up story to not compromise Kyle's secret identity. Terry downloads the files from Kyle's computer and leaves.

As Kyle awakens, he finds himself strapped to a machine which shall help the Manhunters to gain control over the power ring of Green Lantern. One of the Manhunters explains how he became self-aware by accident and how he duplicated that effect on all other Manhunters he met since. Now they want to use the ring to make even more of an impact in the universe. Using the techno-organic virus the Manuhunters intend to deceive the ring into believing that he is still in possession of Kyle Rayner ...


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