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"Hand of God: Day One": The story continues off from the previous issue, where we see Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern, and recently, Ion. He's lying in bed with his girlfriend Jade sleeping. He's thinking abo

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Kyle Rayner/Ion

Green Lantern (Volume 3) #146 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 3) with a cover date of March, 2002. It was published on January 2, 2002.

Synopsis for "Hand of God: Day One"

The story continues off from the previous issue, where we see Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern, and recently, Ion. He's lying in bed with his girlfriend Jade sleeping. He's thinking about the events that occurred that day, as Kyle is reveling in his powers as Ion. As he's lying there, he's dealing with several problems all over the Earth, with just his thoughts, and that's just Earth alone, not to mention problems occurring throughout the universe. He then recalls how his day started.

After defeating Alexander Nero and absorbing the Green Lantern energy composed of the power of Oblivion, and Parallax, he started going by the name of Ion. He appears in his new Ion uniform in front of his mentor Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, his friend, former Green Lantern John Stewart, John's girlfriend Merayn, and finally, Jade. They are all a little bit confused as to what happened. They know all the facts, telling them how the power of the Green Lantern was lost, then absorbed by Parallax, who released it when he died, then becoming Oblivion, and then rejoining with the power of Parallax, all of which was absorbed by Kyle, the entire power of the Green Lantern Corps in one man. Naturally, they are all surprised at Kyle's transformation.

Then, Kyle goes to work and tells his assistant and friend Terry to let Jade in, who has come to see how Kyle's doing. Terry tells her how fast Kyle is going, and thinking that it's something in the food that he's eating, wants some of it. She goes to Kyle and whispers to him that he's been using his new powers to do his work. He tells her that she doesn't need to whisper, as he's used his new powers to block the sound waves from traveling to Terry. Astonished by his new powers, Jade is confounded by the number of abilities Kyle has gained since his ascension, to which Kyle tells her that he can do a lot more, including accessing a greater part of his brain that's connected to creativity, allowing him to focus more and more on his work, without the distractions of random thoughts. Suddenly, Terry tells them to look at the TV, which is showing Ion flying around, with the announcer saying that Ion has sent personal meals to tens of thousands of impoverished Africans, has even altered the soil, making it more fertile. The world is just utterly astonished at Ion's new powers. Jade asks Terry when this happened, but Terry tells her that it's happening right now. But Jade is astonished, because Kyle's in the room with her. After asking Terry to get some more coffee, Kyle tells Jade that he's doing both things at the same time; he's standing in front of her, and he's providing aid to the people of Uganda as well. But he also tells her that he's doing other things as well. When Jade asks him what he means, he tells her that he's not just in front of her and in Uganda, he's elsewhere as well. We then see a drive-by shooting forty blocks away from where Kyle is. A group of gangsters try to shoot a dealer who stiffed them, but Ion stops them.

The scene then jumps to Mexico City, where we see a truck about to ram a supermarket store with 117 people inside. But, the truck stops just before it hits the store, and when the people look, they see the driver standing next to the truck, and seeing Ion flying away. Then, we see a group of bank robbers who are attempting to rob the First Bank of London, in England. Suddenly, they disappear as Ion teleports them to a jail a quarter mile away with the surveillance tape in the hands of the police captain. Then, it jumps to Boyden, Iowa, where we see a farmer in his tractor, when the ground under the tractor breaks apart, threatening to take the tractor and the farmer down. But, before he falls, he finds himself and his tractor on the road beside the hole undamaged. And that's just Earth alone.

In space above the Earth, the space shuttle Venture has been having difficulty closing its bay doors after connecting with a Russian satellite, which was rectified without incident. Then, a rogue band of Soltarien air fighters attempted a mutiny on their homeworld. Their thrusters lost control above orbit, but they were captured before anyone was injured. We then see a place called Tendax, which is a pleasure planet known throughout the universe. However, the planet has a history of civil war, one which has reemerged after a five-year truce.

Kyle and Jade were once on the planet a while ago, when the capital city was attacked by terrorists and their elected world leader, and his family, were assassinated. Kyle and Jade did their best to stop the war, but it was too much for their abilities and they left the planet. But, now that Kyle has gained more powers, he has returned to the planet to end the civil war. He has gathered the leaders of the different warring factions. They are all honored to see him, but, the peace talks have not gone well. In fact, they tell Ion that they haven't had any talks, and that the fighting has escalated so much that talks have become futile. But, then one of the leaders makes an insult to one of the other leaders, and they start arguing with each other. Then, Kyle tells them that it's done, with the leaders thinking that he's talking about the arguing, but that's not what he meant. He tells them that he's ended the civil war. The leaders are undoubtedly confused as to how he could have done that. He tells them that he's removed the people's ability to fight, disabling their weapons and bombs. He tells them that if any of them try to start a war against the others, then he will be there. The warring sides are having trouble figuring out where their enemies are, but one group manages to find another, and they open fire on them, but they find green shields reflecting the laser bullets. They then find Ion floating above them. Some of the fighters are trying to steal a car by smashing its window, but Ion finds them and takes the piece of metal and melts it in his hands, and then disappears. The leaders of the planet sit down again and try to negotiate an end to the civil war.

Jade is astounded at how Kyle can be on Tendax and in front of her at the same time, but Kyle tells her that he's not just in front of her and on Tendax, he's dealing with multiple other problems on Earth and throughout the universe. He's no longer bound by time or distance. The only limit he has is his own will. Jade tells him that this is not normal, and that with the way he's been going around lately, people will start attributing him to God. But, Kyle tells her that he's not God, he merely holds the power of the Green Lantern, putting him with all the other big boys. But, he's still him as he was before. Jade notices that he's cut his hair and messes with it. They then decide to go to the movies, with Jade making Kyle promise her that he won't have any "forms" of himself all over the universe. He promises her, but lies to her, since he has no choice. We then see Kyle back in bed, as we saw him at the beginning of the issue. He realizes that there's only one thing he cannot do, and that is sleep, which he didn't see coming.

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  • This issue is reprinted in the trade paperback Green Lantern: Power of Ion.

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