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"The Trouble with Gorillas!": Now the leader of the Justice League Europe, Hal Jordan stops by the new headquarters to help move in.

Quote1.png Hello, Barry. Having a hellacious time, as usual. Wish you were here. Bit if all we've got is your immature protegé... Well, we'll make do. Quote2.png
Hal Jordan

Green Lantern (Volume 3) #30 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 3) with a cover date of October, 1992.

Synopsis for "The Trouble with Gorillas!"

Now the leader of the Justice League Europe, Hal Jordan stops by the new headquarters to help move in.

Elsewhere, in Gorilla City, a small group of gorillas sympathetic to Grodd seem prepared to start a rebellion and overthrow Solovar. Grodd is jailed in the city somewhere, and has been playing chess long-distance with Hector Hammond, with whom he shares the origin of his mental powers. After receiving a message from Hammond, Grodd activates a mechanism in one of the chess pieces, and commands his sympathizers to rebel. Desperately, Solovar attempts to contact the Flash, who had been Barry Allen at the last time they had met. As such, his message goes to the Flash Museum, and not to Wally West, the current Flash. The curator of the museum tries to get a hold of him, but Wally's busy on a mission. Eventually, the JLE is contacted, and Hal Jordan decides to look into the situation in Barry's honor.

Grodd explains to his followers that he and Hector Hammond received their mental powers when two meteors crashed to earth near them, and they were affected by the radiation. He reveals that there was a third meteor, and he plans to lead his gorillas to find it, so they can take the next step in their evolution and have conquest over the earth.

When Hal arrives at the Flash Museum, he is met by a man who invites him to Washington, D.C. where Hal is surprised to discover that there is an entire government wing called the Bureau of Amplified Animals which is run by and employs intelligent mentally amplified animals. The head of the Bureau, Bobo the Detective Chimp assigns Hal a partner - Rex, the Wonder Dog - and sends them to Africa to find the hidden Gorilla City.

When Hal goes on ahead by himself, he encounters The Flash, and they both wonder what the other is doing there.

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