"Big Questions": A policeman finds Arisia wandering the ruins of Ferris Aircraft calling out for Hal Jordan by name.

Quote1 My friends... gone. The Chosen swallowed up before any of us even saw their true forms... The Guardians' "Cosmic Future" wiped out in a day! Quote2
Tom "Pieface" Kalmaku

Green Lantern (Volume 3) #33 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 3) with a cover date of November, 1992.

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Synopsis for "Big Questions"

A policeman finds Arisia wandering the ruins of Ferris Aircraft calling out for Hal Jordan by name. In Montoya Bay, Hal is surprised to find Carol Ferris moving out of her hotel room there. She has grown sick of waiting for Hal to get his air-taxi business on its feet, and when Hal explains that he has finally bought a plan and an airstrip, her plan is solidified. She will rent a flat and then begin setting up the office at the airstrip. Hal is concerned about Carol throwing herself back into work after being possessed by the Star Sapphire, but eventually he realizes that the old Carol is finally back.

Unfortunately, Hal and Carol are interrupted by a signal from the Justice League of America in New York City. Blue Beetle informs Hal of the situation with Arisia, and the risk to his secret identity, and Hal is forced to fly to Coast City to find her. He arrives at the police station to find that Arisia has reverted to a juvenile state, and he deactivates her voice with his ring in order to keep her from saying his real name. Later, she reveals that she was sent by Floro, after Kroef's Island, the home of the New Guardians, was attacked by a strange black veil.

Hal tries to unload Arisia on Kilowog, but he is busy training the new members of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal becomes increasingly annoyed at how in the dark he has been kept by the Guardians of the Universe. Dejected, he delivers Arisia to the Justice League, hoping that they can look after her.

When Hal arrives at Kroef's Island, he finds that the whole mass has been enveloped in some kind of dome of blackness - an absence of space. Nearby, he finds Tommy Kalmaku and his family struggling to survive in the water nearby. Tommy recounts the story of what happened to the other New Guardians. Hal tries to learn about the dome by penetrating it with his ring's energy, but the blackness follows the beam back to the ring, and he is forced to close the connection.

Hal hears a strange voice claiming that the Guardians should not have returned from Zamaron, and that in doing so, they had broken the 'third law,' which portends the arrival of whatever this entropy is. As he hears the voice, Hal and the Kalmakus sink into the ocean until he manages to activate his ring, and save them. Angered, he contacts the Guardians for an explanation, but they are evasive. He resolves to go to Oa and demand answers for himself.


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