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"Emerald Twilight, Part One: The Past": Green Lantern Hal Jordan quietly kneels in the middle of a large crater that was once his home, Coast City, after it exploded by the combined efforts of Mongul and

Quote1.png It would be tempting, wouldn't it? All it would take, really, is the will. Oh, certainly, every last vestige of willpower that could be summoned. But it would be tempting. Think of it. The power to resurrect that which no longer exists... or create that which only exists in the mind's eye. All of it perfect in every detail. The power to make the dead live again... to redress any wrong... to rewrite history with a happy ending. Quote2.png
Hal Jordan

Green Lantern (Volume 3) #48 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 3) with a cover date of January, 1994.

Synopsis for "Emerald Twilight, Part One: The Past"

Green Lantern Hal Jordan quietly kneels in the middle of a large crater that was once his home, Coast City, after it exploded by the combined efforts of Mongul and the Cyborg Superman. Unable to cope with his loss, Hal contemplates his ring of limitless power and decides to use its energy to bring everything and everyone back. Shooting a skyward beam, Hal engulfs the entire crater in a dome of green energy. When the mist dissipates, he meets with his long-dead father, Martin Jordan. Hal wants his father to be proud of him since Martin only cared about Hal's two other brothers because they had real goals and accomplishments, something Hal always lacked. When Hal tells him that he has no idea what he accomplished, Martin reproaches him, saying he didn't do much to save Coast City. Martin then disappears through the smoke, and his fighter plane appears. The recreation of Martin's death is played out in front of Hal when a construct of his mother comes behind him and tells him that the best thing to do is to move on and let go of his pain - to be satisfied with the good memories.

But memories are not enough for the Green Lantern. Instead of creating constructs of his memories, he recreates Coast City as if it was never destroyed. Hal then finds a girl named Jennifer, his childhood sweetheart. As they walk back to Hal's house, they reminisce about when they were together and how the biggest mistake Hal made was leaving her. When they reach his house, Jennifer kisses Hal and disappears. Hal then goes inside and finds his father sitting at the dinner table. As he's about to tell Hal that he's proud of him, the ring's power dies out, and the construct of Coast City fades away.

Hal finds himself in the crater again, and he cries out that it's not fair for him to lose everything a second time. Then, an image of one of the Guardians of the Universe appears and tells him that, by creating a construct of Coast City, he has violated one of the most sacred laws of the Green Lantern Corps: to never use the ring for personal gain. Hal contends that it was because of his personal loss instead of gain, but the Guardian refuses to listen and orders Hal to surrender his ring and return to Oa immediately. However, desiring more power, Hal destroys the construct of the Guardian and absorbs the energy from it, and proceeds towards Oa, but not with the intention of having a discussion with the Guardians.

As Hal flies away, a couple enjoying the night sky confuse the green glow with a shooting star, and the man makes a wish to escape from their troubles.

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