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"Emerald Twilight, Part Two: The Present": As the Green Lantern of Earth, Hal Jordan, proceeds to Oa, the Guardians of the Universe send a number of Green Lanterns in Hal's path to try an

Quote1 What they made me is a slave... and all I've got to show for it is a big hole in the ground that used to be everything important to me. Quote2
Hal Jordan

Green Lantern (Volume 3) #49 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 3) with a cover date of February, 1994.

Synopsis for "Emerald Twilight, Part Two: The Present"

As the Green Lantern of Earth, Hal Jordan, proceeds to Oa, the Guardians of the Universe send a number of Green Lanterns in Hal's path to try and stop him.

The first in line are Ke'Haan of Varva and Laira of Jayd. Though they put up a good fight, they are no match for Hal Jordan as he defeats them and takes their power rings, leaving them floating in space whilst he continues his rampage towards Oa. As they watch Hal's approach, the Guardians see that he is more resourceful than they had thought, but they are not worried as they have others to stop him.

The next Green Lantern to oppose Hal is Tomar-Tu, who proceeds to create a construct of a parasite from his world whose grip is virtually unbreakable. However, it doesn't stop the mad Lantern as he cuts free of the construct and blasts Tomar into an asteroid. Just as he's about to finish Tomar off, Jack T. Chance arrives and attacks Hal from behind. Though he is tough, he is inexperienced compared to the years Hal has had. Hal knocks Jack out and proceeds not only to continue his path towards Oa, but to steal the rings of Tomar-Tu and Jack T. Chance.

The next Lanterns to try and stop Hal are General Kreon, Hannu, and Graf Toren, but they are as well defeated and stripped from their rings. Then he confronts a Green Lantern to whom he is closest: Boodikka. But the bond they share as master and recruit means nothing to Hal. The fight between these two Lanterns is fierce as even though Boodikka is losing, she is determined to prevent Hal from taking her ring. Recognizing her strong resolve, Hal cuts off Boodikka's right hand, takes her ring and leaves her in space, just as he arrives on Oa, where he faces the most important Lantern of his life, Kilowog.

Even though two of the greatest Green Lanterns in the Corps were close friends, and Kilowog just wants Hal to stop and doesn't want to fight him, his loyalty lies with the Corps first. As they battle it out on Oa, it seems that they are both evenly matched, but because of the extra rings he gained from the previous Lanterns he defeated, Kilowog is clearly overpowered by Hal and is knocked out.

Hal then continues his path on Oa towards the source of the Green Lantern Corps' power, the Central Power Battery. As he reaches the batteries, the Guardians try one last effort to get Hal to stop his rampage against the Corps, but Hal is unwilling to listen, let alone surrender. So, the Guardians send the last person out against Hal, but not a Green Lantern, at least not anymore: Sinestro, armed with a Green Lantern Ring once again as they are convinced that their feud ends here.

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