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"Emerald Twilight, Part Three: The Future": Hal Jordan's rampage brings him to Oa with the rings of several Green Lanterns who were sent by the [[Guardians of the Universe (New Earth)|Guardians

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Ganthet on the last Green Lantern.

Green Lantern (Volume 3) #50 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 3) with a cover date of March, 1994.

Synopsis for "Emerald Twilight, Part Three: The Future"

Hal Jordan's rampage brings him to Oa with the rings of several Green Lanterns who were sent by the Guardians to stop him, including Kilowog. The Guardians send out their last chance of survival: Sinestro, who was imprisoned inside the Central Power Battery of Oa. Despite the fact that Hal has more power than Sinestro, they agree that the final fight between the two greatest Green Lanterns should at least be a fair fight, with Hal taking off the extra power rings and the two men duel. The battle between the two is intense and they each fire against each other and create a huge blast that knocks out most of their power. After the smoke clears, the two exhausted men engage in hand-to-hand combat. Hal gets a hold of Sinestro and, putting his arms around his head, proceeds to do the unthinkable: he snaps Sinestro's neck and kills him.

As the Guardians see their last line of defense fall, Hal is about to enter the Central Battery when he finds that Kilowog survived their battle. To ensure his victory, Hal makes sure that Kilowog is dead by destroying his body with a powerful blast, leaving only a skeleton. With tears in his eyes, Hal recognizes that he crossed the line, and sees that he doesn't deserve the ring anymore. He throws his ring away as he walks up the stairs toward the Battery.

Hal Jordan as Parallax

At the top, the Guardians try to talk some sense into Hal, but the deranged and mournful Green Lantern is too far gone, and he says that there's no turning back. He leaves the Guardians and goes right into the Central Power Battery. When they realize that all is lost, the Guardians recognize that there is only one thing to do, and they choose the Guardian Ganthet as the one. As the Power Battery cracks and explodes, the Guardians unleash all of their energy and send it into Ganthet as the battery explodes and Hal emerges, in a new costume and wielding immense power. As he's about to leave, Hal notices the dead Guardians and the last ring, which he destroys and leaves Oa. Among the dead Guardians, Ganthet rises and tells his dead brothers that he will grieve for them and knows what is to be done. He uses the energy the Guardians gave him, creates a new Green Lantern Ring out of the broken pieces left by Hal, and teleports away from Oa.

The last Green Lantern

Meanwhile, back on Earth, a man walks out from a dance club and notices a streak of green light in the sky. To his surprise, the "shooting star" falls toward him, and he's blinded by a flash of light. Ganthet appears right in front of the man, and, deeming him as a worthy candidate, gives him the last ring. When he asks the alien what he's supposed to do with it, Ganthet's last words are for the man to do what he must, as Ganthet disappears. The man puts on the ring, and another flash of green light engulfs him and chances his clothes, transforming him into the last Green Lantern.

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