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"Revenge of the Green Lanterns, Part Two": Tomar-Tu, Green Lantern of Sector 2813, lies in a medical room on Oa where Green Lantern Soranik Natu helps him recover. With them are Hal Jordan and Salakk. From all that they kn

Quote1.png Life is an endless cycle of betrayal and murder and pain. I ended that hideous thing called life for so many when I destroyed Coast City. You tried to kill me for it. But I forgive you, Hal Jordan. Quote2.png
Cyborg Superman

Green Lantern (Volume 4) #11 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 4) with a cover date of June, 2006.

Synopsis for "Revenge of the Green Lanterns, Part Two"

Tomar-Tu, Green Lantern of Sector 2813, lies in a medical room on Oa where Green Lantern Soranik Natu helps him recover. With them are Hal Jordan and Salakk. From all that they know, Tomar-Tu should be dead. Salakk says that from the ship's log, Tomar-Tu came from beyond the edge of Sector 3600 into Sector 3601, a sector forbidden to all Lanterns and home to the Manhunters.

In the cafeteria, Hal talks with Guy about Tomar-Tu's reappearance. He remembers to when Coast City was destroyed, which caused Hal to feel fear for the first time and be influenced by the yellow impurity. He attacked his fellow Lanterns, including Tomar-Tu, and stole their rings. He became the host for Parallax, but was finally freed of the parasite. Hal believes that because of Tomar-Tu's reappearance, there is a chance that the other Green Lanterns that Hal defeated years ago may still be alive. Turytt of Sector 786 attacks Jordan because his predecessor was Ke'Haan, one of the Lanterns that was betrayed. Many other Lanterns get involved as well until Kilowog comes and breaks up the fight. Salakk arrives as well and gives demerits to the Lanterns who attacked Jordan and Gardner, and tells the two Earth men that the Guardians of the Universe seek to speak with Hal about Tomar-Tu's reappearance.

Hal reasons with the Guardians, but the Guardians refuse his request to send a strike force to Sector 3601 because it is outside of their universe. Hal then returns to meet with Guy, who asks what the Guardians said about his request. Jordan replies that they have given him permission.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the Global Guardians welcome the new Crimson Fox into their ranks and discuss their statements relating to Green Lantern's recent actions.

In a flashback, Hal was a prisoner in Russia.

Hal wakes up from hibernation mode with Guy at the edge of Sector 3600, noticing that there's not a single star in Sector 3601. They fly into the Sector based on Tomar-Tu's flight path, which takes them to the homeworld of the Manhunters, Biot. They try to sneak into the planet, but they are noticed by the Manhunters. The robots were upgraded to contain Green Power Batteries within them, draining the rings of their power. Hal notices something strange on his hand: instead of oil coming from the Manhunters, it's blood.

They then go down a pipeline where they find seven Lanterns hooked up to a large Power Battery, the seven Lanterns who were supposedly killed by Hal. When Hal reminds himself that it was his fault, he's blasted from behind by the person behind the resurrection and upgrade of the Manhunters, the Cyborg Superman, wearing the rings of the Lost Lanterns.

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