"Revenge of the Green Lanterns, Part Three": On Oa, Kilowog observes Morro, keeper of the Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps, destroy Tomar-Tu's casket. Morro notes that most of the coffins in here are

Quote1.png For millennia, the Manhunters have been trying to eradicate all life in the universe. Under my direction, that has changed. We no longer need to eradicate life...we just have to control it. Quote2.png
Cyborg Superman

Green Lantern (Volume 4) #12 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 4) with a cover date of July, 2006. It was published on July 12, 2006.

Synopsis for "Revenge of the Green Lanterns, Part Three"

On Oa, Kilowog observes Morro, keeper of the Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps, destroy Tomar-Tu's casket. Morro notes that most of the coffins in here are empty, such as Arisia's, as Kilowog quietly mourns his friend. Morro hopes that the other Lanterns who were lost during Hal Jordan's breakdown survived, but Salakk arrives and tells them that Jordan has gone over the edge again. His energy signature disappeared with Guy Gardner's on the edge of Sector 3600, even though the Guardians had told Jordan not to enter the sector. Kilowog says there are good men and women who need to be rescued, it's Hal's duty whether it's his assigned Sector or not, and it's only a violation if the Guardians notice. Salakk reminds Kilowog that his job is to ensure that they notice.

On Biot, Guy holds a barely conscious Hal, staring down their attacker—Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman. Unimpressed, Guy attacks him, only to discover that Henshaw has several Green Lantern Rings on both hands. Ordering Guy to be taken to the Highmasters, Henshaw injects Hal with Willhunters, nanites designed to brainwash him and turn him into a Manhunter.

On Earth, Alan Scott watches a news report of Crimson Fox commenting on her new membership in the Global Guardians and further denouncing the Green Lantern for his disregard of national sovereignty. Concerned, Alan puts a phone call to Oliver Queen.

In London, the alien Loragg meets with another alien who wants the bounty on Hal Jordan. His competition, Hunger Dog, arrives and fights him over the right for the job. Hunger Dog takes him down, and Loragg gives him the information.

Back on Biot, the Willhunters are forcing Hal to relive his past mistakes: abandoning his family to join the Air Force, leaving Carol Ferris, and allowing Cowgirl to be captured because he didn't have his ring on. Then he sees his former lover and fellow Lantern Arisia, who was killed by Major Force. Hal hears Arisia tell him that she forgives him, and to fight the Willhunters. This allows Hal to awaken, and use his ring to destroy the Willhunters. Needing backup, Hal severs the wires connecting Ke'Haan, who immediately goes on the attack toward the Manhunters. After releasing the other Lost Lanterns, Hal remembers that time hasn't passed for them. The Lost Lanterns attack him in full force, and they all fall into a cavern. Henshaw orders the Manhunters to hold positions, as he's already activated the Highmasters.

In the caves, the Lanterns attack Hal without restraint, but Kreon notes that he isn't fighting back. As Jack T. Chance throws him against the wall, Graf grabs his right hand and tells Jordan that karma is about balance: he took Boodikka's hand, she has every right to take his. Just as Boodikka prepares to slice off his hand with a piece of metal, Kreon stops her, telling the others that something is very wrong with this situation. Hal explains that he left them in space, where the Manhunters took them to Biot, years ago. Hal assures them that Guy Gardner is with him, and if they can find him, he'll tell them the truth. Suddenly, Hal sees something out of the corner of his eye—it's Arisia, alive and strung up to the wall. Using their rings to illuminate the cavern, the Lanterns find other Green Lanterns long though dead. This reinforces Kreon's belief in Jordan's story, and tells the other Lanterns to start cutting them down.

Suddenly, Kreon is struck in the back by an energy blast. As Boodikka rushes to him, the Lanterns come face to face with the Highmasters -- massive Manhunters with Green Lanterns inside them, one of which contains Guy Gardner.

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  • New villain "Hunger Dog" will later be revealed to be John Stewart working undercover.

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