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"Revenge of the Green Lanterns, Part Four": The Lost Lanterns that had been used by the Manhunters as a power source battle their former captors. However, they also see Hal Jordan as a threat, as their last memories

Quote1.png Make you a deal then. I don't make it out, you can have my little black book. The one with the home numbers. Even Power Girl's. Quote2.png
Hal Jordan

Green Lantern (Volume 4) #13 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 4) with a cover date of August, 2006. It was published on June 13, 2006.

Synopsis for "Revenge of the Green Lanterns, Part Four"

The Lost Lanterns that had been used by the Manhunters as a power source battle their former captors. However, they also see Hal Jordan as a threat, as their last memories are of battling him when he was possessed by Parallax. As Kreon dies, his ring heads for Boddikka. She tries to attack Hal until Ke'Haan orders her to attack the Manhunters.

Hal heads for the recently rediscovered Arisia, but the Cyborg Superman grabs her first. He explains that when Major Force suffocated her, Arisia had gone into a coma-like state to heal, something all Graxosians do. Jordan and Henshaw fight, until Arisia awakens and slices of Henshaw's arm. Hal explains that he's back to his normal self, they're on the Manhunter homeworld with about 26 other captive Lanterns, six of whom want to kill him, and they need to free them. Jordan manages to get Gardner out of his Highmaster, and tells him to rescue the others and evacuate them. While fighting, Henshaw reveals that he destroyed Coast City because his wife was from there. Henshaw then explains that the Highmasters use Green Lanterns as fuel, eventually breaking them down slowly over a period of twenty years, and that this is to be Hal's fate. However, the Highmaster also grabs Arisia, who helps Hal to take control of the robot. Henshaw screams that he knows what the Guardians are really hiding, but Hal uses the Highmaster to destroy the Power Battery on Biot, which in turns destroys the planet. The Green Lanterns survive with a forcefield.

Back on Oa, Guy Gardner tells the Guardians that he authorized the mission to Biot. The Guardians believe that Guy is covering for Hal, but Guy refuses to change his story. As punishment, the Guardians sentence Guy to one month of Prime-Duty, much to Gardner's annoyance. The Guardians also refuse Hal's request to send a retrieval team to search Sector 3601, even though Hal tells them that Henshaw most likely survived. In the halls of the Citadel, the Lost Lanterns are given heroes' welcomes. Ke'Haan tells Jordan that they and the other captives owe him their lives, but they still remember what he did to them, and gives him a warning: if he stays clear of them, they'll stay clear of him. However, Arisia is more forgiving and gives Hal a goodbye kiss. Elsewhere, Salakk explains the rules of Prime-Duty to Guy. He is not to eat, sleep, drink, talk, or dispose of any waste while he is there. His ring will perform any bodily functions he requires for the four weeks he is there. Guy is most displeased.

In their meeting room, the Guardians discuss the ramifications of what they have learned: although the Manhunters were built blind to the "path," Henshaw was once fused with the Source Wall, and if anyone is to have learned of and sought it out, it would be a curious Earthman. Fearing that Henshaw may have discovered the 52, they decide that one of them will have to seek him out.

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