"Wanted: Hal Jordan Chapter Four": In Gotham City, Batman is seen fighting a couple of criminals, while at the same time, talking to the Justice League, with Martian Manhunter fixing the brains of the [[Global Guardians (New Earth)

Quote1 Bruce Wayne of the planet Earth. You have the ability to instill great fear. Welcome to the Sinestro Corps. Quote2
Yellow Power Ring

Green Lantern (Volume 4) #17 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 4) with a cover date of April, 2007.

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Synopsis for "Wanted: Hal Jordan Chapter Four"

In Gotham City, Batman is seen fighting a couple of criminals, while at the same time, talking to the Justice League, with Martian Manhunter fixing the brains of the Global Guardians who were under the control of the Faceless Hunters, while the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott using his connections with Checkmate to drop the charges laid against Hal Jordan, though the Rocket Red Brigade still seeks his arrest. Batman ends the conversation just as he ties up the criminals and the police arrive. On a rooftop, Batman hears a voice that tells him that he has the ability to instill great fear. The voice is a Yellow Power Ring, which attaches itself to Batman's hand and welcomes him to the Sinestro Corps. However, Batman's willpower and previous exposure to a Green Lantern Ring, makes the ring reject him and continue its search for a sentient being within Sector 2814, with Batman wondering what just happened.

Back in the desert, Amon Sur continues to question Hal where his father is buried. Hal finds out that Amon is Abin Sur's son, who chides Hal for not showing the ring some humility since Abin died and passed the ring onto Hal, which apparently means everything to Amon Sur. He tells him how his father left their home planet of Ungara before knowing that Amon's mother was pregnant with him. Years after his death, the Green Lantern Corps finally arrived and notified them of his death, which Amon resented, but then went out to make his own name and became part of the Black Circle Crime Syndicate, but was stopped by the Green Lantern of that time, Kyle Rayner, and when they had their next confrontation, his head was blown off, which luckily for Amon, grew back as Ungarians are not as vulnerable to cranial injury as humans are. Hal is then taken further into the desert, where he takes Amon to the site where he buried Abin Sur. Amon then proceeds to blast it, showing nothing but the skeleton of the former Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Amon then takes his father's head and blames the Green Lantern Corps for what has happened to him. Hal then tells him that he doesn't deserve his father's ring and tells Amon to shoot him, but Amon is hesitant, so he knocks down Hal and shoots him, but Hunger Dog comes in the way and deflects the shot away from Hal. Hunger Dog then transforms, and we find out that Hunger Dog was none other than Hal's partner, John Stewart, who destroys Amon's gun and attacks the aliens. But, Hal wants to face Amon on his own and manages to get a few hits on him, when a rock from the top of the mountain breaks off and heads towards them, but John stops it from falling, but then it shatters in a great explosion, as the Yellow Power Ring that earlier attached itself to Batman, selects Amon Sur because of his ability to instill great fear and is welcomed into the Sinestro Corps. Amon then attacks the Green Lanterns, but his ring tells him that he will be subjected to psychological and physical reconditioning, which he tries to resist, and teleports him away.

On Ungara, we see Hal at the monument dedicated to Abin Sur and apologizes for not bringing him back to his home planet and that he should have done it a long time ago. He then blasts the monument and inscribes, "And Father" and flies away, just as a yellow light is seen later. Back at Edwards Air Force Base, the Justice League are helping to rebuild the base after it was attacked by Amon Sur. In the infirmary, Green Lantern apologizes to Cowgirl saying that he should have been at the base and could have protected the people guarding the base. He's about to leave when Cowgirl calls him Hal. Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Coast City, a sign that says that Ferris Air is only 5 miles away is destroyed, as the Star Sapphire from the previous issue seeks out Hal and who he desires as it ends, and the mystery of the Star Sapphire begins.


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