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""The Sinestro Corps War (Part III) - Running Scared"": On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe observe the state of the war with the Sinestro Corps: Kilowog has lead a force to defend [[Mogo (N

Quote1.png The whole universe will empower me as our terror spreads, old man. And Sinestro will control all. Quote2.png

Green Lantern (Volume 4) #22 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 4) with a cover date of October, 2007.

Synopsis for "The Sinestro Corps War (Part III) - Running Scared"

On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe observe the state of the war with the Sinestro Corps: Kilowog has lead a force to defend Mogo, while the rest of the Green Lantern Corps is recalled to Oa. Soranik Natu refuses to acknowledge the order, however, still dealing with the crowds hailing her as a hero.

On Qward, Parallax, inside Kyle Rayner, battles Hal Jordan, mocking him over what Martin Jordan's final words were. He also mentions that John Stewart and Kyle Rayner are being tortured as they fight. Hal is then forced to stare Amon Sur and an army of Sinestro Corps soldiers. Amon mocks him, saying that the Green Lanterns have abandoned him. At that moment, however, Ke'Hann and the Lost Lanterns arrive, with Ke'Hann saying that the Green Lanterns do not abandon their own.

On the moon, Superboy-Prime observes Earth. In Sector 3601, the Cyborg Superman oversees the Manhunters work on the new Warworld. Opening a communication with the Anti-Monitor, Cyborg Superman gives a status report, then asks for a reward when they conquer Earth: for all the destructions that he has suffered, Hank Henshaw has been unable to die. The Anti-Monitor promises to succeed where Superman and the Green Lantern have failed for so long and kill Henshaw.

On Qward, the Lost Lanterns join Hal in fighting the Sinestro Corps, though saving Hal is an unintended consequence. Boodikka immediately accuses Hal of working with the Sinestro Corps, but Graf Toren dismisses the idea. Honnu explains that they're here to find Ion, only for the Lanterns to discover two surprising facts: not only is Ion a separate being from Kyle Rayner, but Parallax has taken Kyle Rayner. Parallax, for his part, is quite eager for a rematch with the Lost Lanterns, and begins playing on their fears: Honnu fears using his Green Lantern Ring, Boodikka fears Parallax, and Jack Chance fears his family. His words begin to have an effect on Chance, making him afraid, and Parallax kills Chance, crushing his ring as it leaves to find a replacement. In rage, Boodikka moves to kill Parallax, only for her ring to lock out once she tries to use lethal force. Honnu punches his way through the ground, making an escape route for the Green Lanterns. In the catacombs, Graf Torren discovers that the walls are lined with an ancient text that reads "Fear infects" over and over. Laira uses her ring to locate Ion, while Hal uses his to locate John and Guy. They are being held in opposite directions, but Ke'Haan orders them to go rescue Ion. Hal reminds Ke'Haan of his words in not abandoning their own. Tomar-Tu agrees to go with Hal out of respect for his father's friendship with Hal, as does Graf. The rest of the Lost Lanterns go to find Ion.

Heading down the corridors of the Temple of Sinestro, Hal, Tomar, and Graf make their way to John and Guy's holding place, where they discover their jailer - Lyssa Drak, the Keeper of the Book of Parallax.

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