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""The Sinestro Corps War (Part V) - Broken Laws"": In Coast City, late at night, Jim Jordan is looking over recently cancelled insurance policies. Susan finds him outside, and Jim says that he's increasingly worried about the st

Quote1.png That wasn't me that heard that, right? "Lethal force has been enabled"? What the hell is going on? Quote2.png
John Stewart

Green Lantern (Volume 4) #23 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 4) with a cover date of November, 2007.

Synopsis for "The Sinestro Corps War (Part V) - Broken Laws"

In Coast City, late at night, Jim Jordan is looking over recently cancelled insurance policies. Susan finds him outside, and Jim says that he's increasingly worried about the state of Coast City. There are only fifteen thousand people in the city, and businesses are drying up. Jim thinks that they should move back to Sacramento. Jane then runs out, saying that she had a nightmare that Uncle Hal was going to kill someone.

On Qward, Lyssa Drak battles Hal Jordan, Graf Toren, and Tomar-Tu, using chains to hold them. Hal tells the others to release John and Guy from their bindings, as he drops a green energy house on top of Lyssa. However, this causes a breach into the factory where Qwardian slaves are building rings and power batteries. Although they may be slaves of Sinestro, they're still Qwardians, who hate the Green Lanterns. And Hal's power ring is down to 1% of energy. Fortunately, John and Guy arrive and make quick work of the Qwardians. While John was captured, he was forced to relive the day Xanshi was destroyed, while Guy relived his father's abuse, his coma, and Ice's death. Hal still needs a weapon, so he goes for the only ones available - the Qwardian Power Rings.

On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe are debating with Ganthet and Sayd about the rescue of Ion. Ganthet and Sayd believe that Kyle Rayner's rescue is of equal importance, but the Guardians believe that Ion is more valuable than any single Lantern. They also know that the Earth-men will do as they always do: disobey orders and protect their own. The Guardians then announce that they must rewrite the Book of Oa at once. Ganthet opposes this, saying that it is madness. By this point, the Guardians have had enough with Ganthet and Sayd. They're aware of their secret love for each, and are held guilty of of violating the Guardians' highest rule, that of acting on emotion. They are hereby banished from the Council of Guardians.

On Qward, the Lost Lanterns are heading down a tunnel when they see a light ahead. They've found Ion, but they's also found his jailer—the Anti-Monitor. Momentarily taken aback by his presence, Ke'Haan orders Honnu and Boodikka to rescue Ion, while he and Laira attack, only for Ke'Hann to be killed before he even finishes his sentence. Telling the others to cover their eyes, Honnu blasts the Anti-Monitor with his power ring.

In the catacombs, Amon Sur leads a search party for the Green Lanterns. Suddenly, Hal Jordan attacks them with the Qwardians rings, but it appears to be causing him considerable pain and effort. The other Lanterns join the fray, but Sinestro and Parallax soon arrive. Hal tries to attack them, but Sinestro merely takes the energy for himself, saying that Hal's time as Parallax allowed him to use the rings, but he does not understand how to manipulate fear. Fortunately, the Lost Lanterns burst through the floor riding Ion. Unfortunately, the Anti-Monitor is following, and the Green Lanterns are forced to leave Kyle behind. The Earth Lanterns are naturally suprised at the Anti-Monitor's presence, believing he had been killed during the Crisis, while Graf assumes that something must have reignited the energy that he is composed of. Hal decides that if the Anti-Monitor is back, they're going to need the JLA's help to defeat, and head for Earth, while the Lost Lanterns take Ion back to Oa. Sinestro orders Parallax to scout ahead, and orders Cyborg Superman to have the Manhunters move the Yellow Lantern Central Power Battery onto Warworld.

On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe emerge from the Citadel and address the Green Lantern Corps. They are aware of the limitations that the Green Lanterns have been facing, and the magnitude of the threat the Sinestro Corps represents. Because of this, they have decided to add ten new laws to the Book of Oa, announcing the first one to the Green Lanterns: As of this moment forward, the Green Lantern Corps is authorized to use lethal force against the Sinestro Corps. Traveling through space, Ganthet and Sayd sense that the Sinestro Corps is gathering, but they do not seek to control the universe, but the multiverse itself. On Earth, the Green Lanterns try to contact the Justice League, but are interrupted with the announcement of lethal force. Guy then notices a light in the sky, and the Lanterns realize that the Sinestro Corps isn't targeting Oa—their target is Earth.

In the Jordans apartment, they also see the lights. Assuming they're stars, Jane asks if she can make a wish. They soon have other problems: Parallax is there with them...

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Hal Jordan becomes Parallax

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