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""The Sinestro Corps War (Part VIII) - Home Invasion"": The Sinestro Corps has launched an attack on Earth, bringing Warworld to the planet. Sinestro leads the attack while Cyborg Superman and the

Quote1.png In Blackest Day, in Brightest Night, beware your fears made into light! Let those who try to stop what's right, burn like my power, Sinestro's might! Quote2.png
Sinestro recites the Sinestro Corps oath.

Green Lantern (Volume 4) #24 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 4) with a cover date of December, 2007.

Synopsis for "The Sinestro Corps War (Part VIII) - Home Invasion"

The Sinestro Corps has launched an attack on Earth, bringing Warworld to the planet. Sinestro leads the attack while Cyborg Superman and the Manhunters secure a landing post for the Anti-Monitor. Hal, John, and Guy are unable to contact the Justice League, unaware that they and the rest of Earth's superhero community are already fighting the Sinestros. Hal tries to contact the Green Lantern Corps, but Sinestro overrides the communication. He also tells Hal that Parallax is with his family. Even though his ring is nearly depleted, Hal flies back to Coast City and removes Parallax, taking the entity outside of the city. Unfortunately, Hal's ring is now completely out of power.

Hal tries to reach Kyle Rayner, but isn't making any progress. Guy is confused that Parallax still has control, but Hal points out that he had help defeating Parallax (specifically, the Spectre). John theorizes that his mother's grave may do the trick, but Hal mentions a painting his mother owned. Guy (reluctantly) goes to retrieve the painting while John backs up Hal. Finally, Kyle's hand struggles through Parallax's mouth, and Hal grabs hold, only for the hand to grab him. When John arrives, he finds that Parallax has absorbed both Kyle and Hal.

Over Mount Rushmore, Guy is attacked by a squad of Sinestro Corps members. Guy decides that he has no choice but to kill them, as the Sinestros mock Guy, saying that he can't. However, Guy informs them that the lethal force restriction has been revoked, right as a number of Green Lanterns arrive, killing several surprised Sinestros.

In New York City, Cyborg Superman and the Manhunters fight against the heroes of Earth. Cyborg Superman is unimpressed of their attempts to kill him, though Superman points out that they haven't tried, and Henshaw punches the Man of Steel through the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, a new threat soon arrives--in the form of Superboy-Prime.

John tries to fight Parallax, while at the same time calling for Hal and Kyle. Guy returns with the painting, and its presence causes Parallax to stop. Inside, Hal is able to reach Kyle, despite Parallax's attempts to restrain him. Kyle mentions that a Sinestro Corps virus, Despotellis, killed his mother, and Kyle feels that is was because he's a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal tells Kyle that while every Green Lantern must overcome fear, they all struggle with guilt and remorse, but that they don't have to do it alone. Overcoming his fear, Kyle and Hal are able to expel Parallax. As he vows to kill them all, Ganthet and Sayd arrive, and dissect Parallax's weakened spirit, locking him into the four Earth Lanterns' Power Batteries.

Ganthet announces that they've been expelled from the Guardians, but he has one more ring to give: Kyle Rayner's. Ion is needed with another, and Ganthet offers Kyle the ring. Kyle accepts, and as the four humans recite the Green Lantern Oath and charge their Power Rings, they vow to stop Sinestro and his corps.

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  • The tagline for this issue is "In Blackest Day".

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