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"Love Hurts": The issue begins at Sector 1313, where we see Green Lantern John Stewart among the remains of the planet Xanshi, as well as Black Lantern Rings swarming around and reanimating the entire planet, when we see Black Lantern [[Kell Mossa (Pre-Crisis

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Carol Ferris

Green Lantern (Volume 4) #45 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 4) with a cover date of October, 2009.

Synopsis for "Love Hurts"

The issue begins at Sector 1313, where we see Green Lantern John Stewart among the remains of the planet Xanshi, as well as Black Lantern Rings swarming around and reanimating the entire planet, when we see Black Lantern Pariah utter the phrase, "World have died, worlds will rise."

On Zamaron, home-world of the Star Sapphire Corps, we see Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire once again battling members of the Sinestro Corps who have come to free the female members of their Corps, who were crystallized by the Zamarons and were undergoing conversion into the Star Sapphire Corps. However, with the Sinestros attacking the planet, the conversion process is wearing off and the female Sinestros are unconverted and break free, including Kryb and Karu-Sil. As that happens, Carol finds Sinestro among them and the two battle it out.

On Ysmault, home-world of the Red Lantern Corps, the Lost Lanterns and the Alpha Lantern Boodikka are fighting against the Red Lanterns. The Lost Lanterns are on a mission to retrieve the body of one of their former members, Laira, who became a Red Lantern before being killed by Sinestro, while Boodikka is on a mission to kill every enemy of the Green Lantern Corps, namely the Red Lanterns. The Lost Lanterns know that their mission is conflicting with Boodikka's and resort to taking her off the planet by force, which Honnu has no problem in doing, but before he can retrieve Boodikka, he is attacked by the leader of the Red Lantern Corps, Atrocitus. But before they fight, Black Lantern rings descend on to the planet and resurrect not onlly the four remaining members of the Five Inversions, but also Laira.

Back on Zamaron, the battle between the Sinestro Corps and the Star Sapphires is growing deadlier, including the battle between Sinestro and Carol. Due to more experience with the ring, Sinestro is clearly winning the battle, but before he can beat her, Carol encases Sinestro in a crystal, where he is forced to remember is love, Arin Sur, the sister of Sinestro's close friend and Hal Jordan's predecessor, Abin Sur. However, the memory only makes Sinestro angrier and he blasts out of the crystal and unleashes his rage on to Carol, but feels that she is unimportant since his Corps is nearly in civil war because of Mongul's attempt to take over the Corps. He chains Carol up as other Sinestros hold her from behind, but before they can kill her, the heart of one of the Sinestros is pulled out by a Black Lantern. Where we see dead Sinestros reanimated as Black Lanterns, including Abin Sur's son, Amon Sur, as the home-world of the Sinestro Corps, the antimatter planet of Qward, is under attack by the dead Weaponers of Qward, reanimated as Black Lanterns.

Meanwhile, on Odym, home-world of the Blue Lantern Corps, the battle between the Blue Lanterns and the Orange Lantern Corps constructs is raging on, as the Orange Lanterns, under Larfleeze, attempt to uproot the Blue Lantern Central Power Battery, as the Guardians of the Blue Lanterns, Ganthet and Sayd, see the Black Lantern Rings circling above the planet awaiting a death, while on Okaara, home-world of the Orange Lanterns, Larfleeze is watching the battle through his Orange Lantern Power Battery when Black Lantern Rings and reanimate the bodies of the Orange Lantern constructs that Larfleeze has stolen, as Larfleeze merely says, "Yuh-Oh."

In the Citadel of the Guardians of the Universe, we see Lyssa Drak, who was put into the Book of the Black by the Scarred Guardian, sees a picture of the Red Lantern Central Power Battery surrounded by Black Lanterns, Amon Sur as a Black Lantern facing Sinestro and Carol. As the Scarred Guardian tells her master that Zamaron's light, along with the lights of Odym, Okaara, Oa, Ysmault, and Qward will be extinguished, once the light of the Indigo Tribe will be shown.

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