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"The Secret of the Indigo Tribe, Part Three": A few moments ago, Sinestro was being transformed into an Indigo Lantern. During the process, he saw moments of his past life, such as when Abin Sur introduced him to his sister Arin. When Sinestro decided to take over Korugar, Arin expressed shock a

Quote1.png Now I know you've been brainwashed. Which surprisingly bothers me. Quote2.png
Hal Jordan

Green Lantern (Volume 5) #9 is an issue of the series Green Lantern (Volume 5) with a cover date of July, 2012. It was published on May 9, 2012.

Synopsis for "The Secret of the Indigo Tribe, Part Three"

A few moments ago, Sinestro was being transformed into an Indigo Lantern. During the process, he saw moments of his past life, such as when Abin Sur introduced him to his sister Arin. When Sinestro decided to take over Korugar, Arin expressed shock at the actions Sinestro was willing to take to end Korugar's civil wars. Sinestro told Arin to leave Korugar and never return. When Sinestro began conquering Korugar, a child strapped to a bomb tried to kill him in a suicide attack. Sinestro was unharmed, but Arin was killed.

The conversion process is complete and Sinestro is turned into an Indigo Lantern.

In the present, Sinestro and the Indigo Lanterns attack Hal. Sinestro expresses regret at everything he has done to Hal, but Hal doesn't buy it, knowing that Sinestro was brainwashed. Hal asks Indigo-1 why are Indigo Lanterns attacking him, reminding her of the alliance between the Green Lantern Corps and the Indigo Tribe. Indigo-1 replies that the alliance still stands, and the Indigo Tribesmen will return him to Earth, but Sinestro will stay on the Indigo homeworld. Hal refuses to leave without Sinestro, so he escapes into the Forbidden Jungles, hoping to find the Indigo Central Battery. The Indigo Lanterns proceed to follow him.

Meanwhile in Ogoro, the Guardians of the Universe have captured Starstorm and interrogated him about Sinestro's whereabouts. Starstorm does not have any information regarding Sinestro or the Book of the Black, so the Guardians kill him.

Hal travels through the jungle and finds a mysterious being, who recognizes him as a Green Lantern. The being identifies himself as Natromo, and Hal recognizes his name from the Indigo Tribe oath. Natromo says that he didn't want his name to be used on the Indigo oath. He also says that "Nok", translated to human languages, means "compassion be with you, and is the name of the Indigo homeworld.

Hal sees that Natromo is not wearing an Indigo ring, and asks him if he created the Indigo Tribe. Natromo replies that he created the Indigo Tribe along with another Green Lantern: Abin Sur.

Leading Hal to the Indigo Central Battery, Natromo tells him that a long a time ago, an army of invaders conquered Nok, transforming it into a slave center. These invaders also wiped out Natromo's species, making him the last of his people. With the help of Abin Sur, Natromo's species defeated the invaders. Abin and Natromo harnessed the Indigo light and forged special weapons that made their victims feel remorse for their crimes. When Natromo's people returned to the jungles, Abin and Natromo created an Indigo ring and used it on Iroque, Abin's greatest enemy. Natromo says that Iroque killed Abin's daughter. When Iroque first wore the ring, she felt regret for everything she had done, and cried. Abin Sur cried too. They cried and mourned for hours.

Natromo reveals that the Indigo Tribe is made up the worst criminals in the universe, Abin brought them to all to Nok. Hal believes that Abin transformed all those criminals into Indigo Lanterns to redeem them, but Natromo denies this, saying that Abin wanted an army because he saw the future: the Blackest Night.

Hal replies that the Blackest Night ended, and the living won. Surprised, Natromo says that he must prepare for a future event: the end of the Corps. Abin believes that the Corps would be destroyed by an evil from within. Hal asks what evil was Abin talking about, and Natromo replies that the evil is known as the Guardians of the Universe. Natromo says that unlike the Black Lantern Corps, Abin knew that the Guardians were invincible, so he created the Indigo rings to stop the Guardians's madness. The Indigo Tribe was merely a test. Natromo is preparing to attack the Guardians when Abin returns, but Hal says that Abin is dead.

Shocked, Natromo states that without Abin, they have no chance at defeating the Guardians. Saddened by Abin's death, Natromo detonates the Indigo Central Battery. In that moment, the Indigo Lanterns arrive, but the Battery's destruction deactivates their rings. Although Sinestro is freed from the ring's influence, the former Indigo Lanterns are released too.

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