Early Life

A childhood friend of Clark Kent and Pete Ross. By his freshman year of High School, Greg had developed an obsession with two things: bugs and Lana Lang. He'd frequently video tape her and once even broke into her house, to give her a present.[2]

Season One

When his mother discovered his obsession with Lana, she decided to send him to military school. However, that same night, Greg decided to transport all the bugs that he kept in his room, to another location. He got into a car accident, with all the bugs getting out and attacking him. Due to the bugs having been exposed to Kryptonite radiation, Greg's body mutated, and he developed insect-like powers.[2]

Greg killed his mother, then tried to kill Whitney Fordman (Lana's boyfriend), before he kidnapped Lana and planned to mate with her. However, he was stopped by Clark Kent. During their fight, Greg was seemingly crushed, under some machinery, and shattered into hundreds of bugs.[2]

Season Ten

At some point, Greg was restored to human form. He was also able to get over his obsession with Lana Lang. In 2010, Greg went back to Smallville High, during Clark's five-year reunion. He couldn't find Clark, so he approached Clark's girlfriend, Lois Lane, and asked her to deliver a message to Clark (not knowing that Clark was watching from outside of time). Greg told Lois that Clark had set him straight and wanted to thank him. Afterwards, Greg left the reunion.[1]



  • Greg's powers were not shown in "Homecoming". However, when he first appears, one can hear insect sounds,[1] making it likely that he has not lost his metahuman abilities.



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