Quote1.png Another actor in Greg's unique position might try to take advantage of the situation... But not him! Greg devotes all of his spare time to personal appearances on behalf of various charities! Quote2.png
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Greg Reed was an actor who played Superman in movies and on TV.

However, Reed was hideously scarred in an accident on set and had to use makeup and prosthetics to disguise his true features behind the visage of the Man of Steel. This bred resentment, envy, and eventually hate, so Reed studied the occult arts to mystically swap bodies with the real Superman. Ultimately, Superman managed to undo the exchange, and to top everything else off, saved Reed from being trapped in his house as it collapsed over a crumbling cliffside.[1] Turning his attitude and life around, Reed resolved to be more like Superman in actuality, as opposed to merely in surface appearances, though he did consent to a plastic surgery procedure which repaired his features and made him into a bonafide dead-ringer for Superman. On another occasion, Superman granted Reed temporary super-powers of his own to enlist his help in impersonating him and faking his death, which was necessary to pull the wool over the eyes of the Superman Revenge Squad.[2] When Terra-Man threatened all of Metropolis with one of his schemes, Reed volunteered to provide an impersonation of Superman, assisted by falsified super-powers courtesy of Flash and Green Lantern, in order to save the day.[3][4][5] He was once mistaken for the real Superman by the Secret Society of Super-Villains and defeated three of them (Wizard, Felix Faust, and Matter Master) with the aid of Hawkgirl and Captain Comet.

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