Greg Sanders was born in the western United States at the end of the first World War on Earth-Two. Growing up as the son of a notable lawman Sanders trained himself to be a highly skilled marksman and rope users and cowboy. Though he was highly appreciative of his father's history, he actively tried to find his way in life as a modern man usually riding a motorcycle rather than a horse, using highly precision guns than the original six shooters of his father and other trick devices. Deciding to become a ballader and keep his father's ways alive through song and entertainment akin to the emerging fascination with recent cowboy expansionism, Sanders decided to move to New York and become a popular musician focused wholly on western and cowboy ballads. It would not be until his father was killed that Sander became active as a independent crime fighter. Finding that the law could not track down his father's killers and bring about justice, Sanders adopted the dated costume of his father and donned the colorful red banner to cover his face to conduct his vengance. After a short period of time Sander confronted his father's killers and killed them (later text stated that he merely captured them). Deciding to put his skills to active use battling other criminals in a similar manner, Sander adopted the Western-themed identity of "the Vigilante". Sander would spend much of time shifting back and forth from his new home in New York City to the plains of his childhood battling such criminals until he was recruited into the All Star Squadron. After World War 2, Sanders basically stayed in New York City even taking on a boy partner named Stuff (aka "the Chinatown kid").

It is assumed like all the other masked heroes of Earth-Two, Sander retired from the Vigilante when the U.S. Government forced all costumed heroes to either reveal his identity or retire. While he possibly retired at that time he did join the Seven Soliders of Victory which resulted in him being time transported to the early 1800s (Justice League Vol 1 #101) for some length of time and mostly forgotten by the majority of people he had known. Rather than transported to the time he was removed from Sanders was brought forward into the modern day skipping over more than ten years though living those years in the past.

Having aged considerably while in the past and then current technology rendered most of his then cutting edge devices outclassed by the intervening years, Sander retired from costume adventuring. He only appeared a few times after that in regards to the Seven Soldier events such as at the memorial of Crimson Avenger.

Unlike the similar 70ish year old Earth-Two Green Arrow who rose up to fight at the battle at the "Dawn of Time" and survived the universal reformat during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Sanders did not. Like all others who were living on Earth-Two at that time, Sanders was killed along with his entire planet and recreated as a new person.

Post Infinite Crisis

The new incarnation of Greg Sanders was shown recently to also have survived into his old age, just long enough to reform a new team of Seven Soldiers of Victory who are mostly killed in their battle with a large monster insect.


Expert Marksman


Two Six-Shooters



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