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Gretchen Kelley was Lex Luthor's personal physician.

When Lex Luthor appeared to perish in a plane crash[1], the control of Lexcorp went to his heir apparent Lex Luthor, Jr. Luthor Junior however was actually just a clone of the real Lex Luthor. During this time, Gretchen posed as Lex Junior's mother. Although devoted to Lex, Gretchen suffered a crisis of conscience after witnessing the repeated amoral actions that Lex perpetuated, not the least of which included the murder of karate instructor Sasha Green.[2]

Gretchen began secretly feeding information to Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane. This earned Gretchen the nickname "Deep Quote". She provided Lane with security footage which explicitly showed Lex Luthor strangling Sasha Green. During the "Fall of Metropolis", Gretchen turned herself over to the authorities and revealed everything she knew about Lex Luthor, including the fact that he had cloned himself and had been operating under the guise of his own son.[3]


  • Gretchen's nickname "Deep Quote" is derived from retired FBI agent William Mark Felt, the infamous Watergate scandal whistleblower who addressed himself by the codename "Deep Throat" while conducting secret parking garage meetings with Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward.