Gretchen Winters was a ghost seeking justice for her murder.

Gretchen Winters lived in Smallville, where she befriended Michael Westmore around 1996. At first, Michael was nice to her. Gave her a pretty green bracelet and held her when she cried. He listened to all her problems, the things that were tearing her up inside.

However, their relationship changed when Michael began to tell Gretchen about his problems, which made her sick. She attempted to leave, but Michael grabbed a knife and killed her. He hid her body inside the wall of the apartment above the Talon.

In 2006, lightning struck the Talon, which affected the Kryptonite in Gretchen's bracelet. Releasing her spirit, which tried to contact the nearest person, Chloe Sullivan. Gretchen failed, causing Chloe to cut herself and almost ending up at a mental hospital. However, Gretchen did later manage to point Chloe towards her body. When Chloe touched her bracelet, Gretchen possessed her.

Now possessing Chloe, Gretchen went to confront Michael. However, she was distracted when she found Lois Lane tied up in Michael's basement. This allowed Michael to get the drop on Gretchen, almost giving him the chance to kill her a second time. Gretchen did manage to outsmart Michael, tricking him into coming close enough for Gretchen to touch him and transfer herself into him. She forced Michael to kill himself. Afterwards, Gretchen left his body and faded away, having gotten what she came for.



  • Gretchen Winters was portrayed by Leela Savasta.
    • While possessing Chloe Sullivan, Gretchen was portrayed by Allison Mack.



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