Grigori Tataryn was a firefighter who responded to a fire that tore through the Chernobyl nuclear power plant during the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. He and his men absorbed massive amounts of radiation from the smoke and debris. His fellow firefighters died.

It is unclear if the radiation caused the activation of his powers, but eventually, he relocated to New York City, where his powers and ruthlessness have made him into a formidable and elusive crimelord. There he was summoned among a meeting with other superpowered criminals by Lord Defile into an alliance against Stormwatch. The meeting, however, was stumbled into by two police officers which quickly escalated into a massive battle between the villains and Stormwatch and the police, known as the New York City massacre. The Ghost fought Fahrenheit and Hellstrike before escaping the scene.

The Ghost eventually became Stormwatch P.H.D.'s first assignment in capturing the mob boss. P.H.D.'s member Gorgeous and The Machinist were vital assets in capturing the Ghost as both had close associations with him. The Ghost and his men were confronted by P.H.D. at a nightclub, but only for him to escape from the help of his underling Dirty Bomb. Vengeful for P.H.D.'s interference, the Ghost sought retribution against Stormwatch by killing their police officers allies by having Dirty Bomb destroying P.H.D.'s headquarters at the NYPD 18th Precinct. Following this, the Ghost attempt to flee America by private jet but only to be again confronted by P.H.D. Although, the Ghost proved himself to be too powerful against P.H.D. until being defeated by Officer John Doran who grazed the Ghost's skull with a gunshot, which caused him to be unconscious. The Ghost was then taken to Riker's Island where he is depowered by Activator Christine Trelane. Without his powers, the Ghost is technically more vulnerable to his extended enemies in organized crime and is left at the mercy of his fellow inmates at Riker's, some of whom had personal grudges against the Ghost. Although, unknown to the Ghost, Trelane only had his powers removed temporarily for only a long couple weeks.


  • Density Control: The Walking Ghost can control the density of his body or that of anything he touches. He can avoid damage by become intangible. He can dish out damage by become extremely solid or giving otherwise lightweight items added density.


Oxygen Depravation: However, in any density state, it appears The Walking Ghost still needs to breathe.



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