Quote1 The deadliest man alive. He's us if Joe Chill dropped the gun in the alley and we picked it up. Quote2
-- The Batman Who Laughs src
The Grim Knight is an alternate version of Batman who uses guns. He is an enemy to Batman as he often allies himself with the Batman Who Laughs. According to the Batman Who Laughs, he is a version of Bruce where Joe Chill dropped his gun and Bruce used the gun on him.


Bruce Wayne's life follows much of the same path of his Prime Earth counterpart, until the murder of his parents. On his earth, Joe Chill dropped his gun to search for Martha's pearls, and Bruce, in his grief, used the opportunity to pick up the gun and shoot him to death. He would spend the next several years of his life training to kill all criminals in Gotham. Realizing he needed a symbol to strike terror into the hearts of these criminals, he was inspired by a bat who he shot after it broke through his window to become the Batman. Within his first year as Batman, he attacked a party attended by the corrupt rich of Gotham and burned them all alive. Following that, he quickly killed several prominent crime bosses before they could become a threat, including Carmine Falcone, Tony Zucco, the Red Hood, Oswald Cobblepot, Roman Sionis, and Waylon Jones.

However, this gained the attention of GCPD Lieutenant Jim Gordon, who thought that Batman crossed a line in his war on crime. Building a Bat-Signal with a concealed magnet within, he managed to trap the Knight and had the police raid his concealed arsenals. Unfortunately, Gordon had used Wayne Enterprises Tech to set up his plan, which Bruce used to disable the magnet, kill Gordon's men on the roof, explode the fake arsenals, and crash two highly explosive blimps into both Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Penitentiary, all in order to keep the GCPD, who the Knight viewed as corrupt, out of his way.

He would then scar Mayor Harvey Dent in order to get him to allow Wayne Enterprises Tech to be planted throughout Gotham, allowing him to kill criminals across the city, such as killing a mugger with an automated gun, driving a child predator's car off a bridge, and causing a corrupt judge's medical implants to fail him. Alfred Pennyworth, who had grown disgusted with Bruce's methods, left him, despite having an implant in his neck that could kill him as well. Yet this show of force allowed Gordon to connect Wayne Enterprises and the Batman. With the aid of the FBI, Alfred, and Mayor Dent, Gordon managed to disable the Knight's network, and when Bruce tried to pull a gun on Gordon, he beat Bruce down and proceeded to arrest him.


  • Computer Hacking: Bruce is a master hacker, usually gaining complete technological control of a city as soon as he gets there. He can even hack planes, making them fall from the sky.[1]
  • Martial Arts
  • Weaponry
    • Expert Marksman
    • Throwing: Batman can throw knives with peak accuracy, once throwing a knife through a man's head without looking at him.[2]



  • Various Weapons: The Grim Knight carries a variety of firearms, ordinance, and close-quarters weapons on his person. Amongst his extensive arsenal are rifles, semi-automatic pistols, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, carbines, grenades, swords, combat knives, and throwing knives.[2]



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