Quote1 Kiâu Jiao-Long's father was a grocer. The governor of his province in China was corrupt: stole everything the grocer had. So the grocer hooked up with a lot of other grocers. . . . They butchered every member of the governor's family. Even killed his dog. Quote2
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The Grocer was the founder and longstanding leader of White Lotus, a notorious Chinese crime syndicate.

Superstition held that he was the reincarnation of Shih Huangti--the first emperor of China.

The Grocer was sought out in Chinatown by a woman claiming to be Nkauj Ntxuam--a legendary Hmong warrior princess said to have been tortured and killed by Huangti c. 221 BC.[1] The Grocer was ultimately slain by his mysterious adversary after he was stabbed in the throat and drowned in a mop bucket.[2]

Following his death, leadership of White Lotus transferred to the Grocer's estranged son, Kiâu Jiao-Long.[1]





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