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Grymm is a Metahuman criminal with the ability to channel emotions.

He was experimented on by the US Government which twisted his mind into a psychotic killer.

When the Teen Titans take Kid Flash to S.T.A.R. Labs, a strange teenaged metahuman who is housed there named Grymm senses the Titans' presence in the facility, and tries to find the one who lacks the natural mental defences against mind-control. He settles on Skitter, whose insect form does not think on human terms.

Wonder Girl and Bunker follow the trail of destruction that Skitter left behind, only to find Grymm standing before them. Ignoring his tendency toward speeches, Cassandra wraps her lariat around him, but he sends her rage back at her, courtesy of one of the genetic implants her received from the US Government.

He then uses a toxin to paralyze Cassie and Bunker's bodies, leaving their minds functioning. His explanation clues Bunker in to an opportunity. His bricks are psionically controlled, and so he lays Grymm flat with them before they can be fully paralyzed. Together, Bunker and Cassie sweep up Skitter and rush back to the other team members.


  • Possession: Grymm is able to control people's bodies, although he cannot possess not their minds.[1]
  • Energy Transference: Grymm was able to redirect the anger fueling Wonder Girl's energy-based lariat back toward her to blast her backward.[1] Given that Grymm said that he could "work with" Cassie's anger before performing this feat, this ability may specifically require an emotional component, suggesting the power being empathic in nature.
  • Toxikinesis: Grymm is capable of releasing a paralytic toxin into the skin of anyone he touches.[1]



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