Gu Lao, the Socialist Red Guardsman, is the oldest of China's government-sponsored superheroes or "super-functionaries" and a member of the Great Ten.

He used his solar powers, granted by a mysterious accident, to carry out Mao's Cultural Revolution. Gu's body is highly radioactive so he is forced to wear a special suit of containment armor based on Durlan technology.[1]

Socialist Red Guardsman is something of a loose cannon, having unapologetically killed soldiers on his own side in the process of defeating the robotic terra cotta soldiers at Tiananmen Square.

Recently, Socialist Red Guardsman began to resent modern China for becoming more capitalistic, distancing itself from the ideals of the revolution. Some words from Shaolin Robot planted worries in Gu Lao that he could be disposable.[2] He retreated to his base in the Gobi Desert, living in solitude and ignoring the call to duty.

Mother of Champions was sent to find him and see if he had betrayed the Great Ten. She convinced Lu Gao that he still had a duty to his country. Soon after, Lu Gao fathered a squad of short-lived, radioactive-powered children with Mother, having discovered she was immune to the radiation his body gives off and recieving the first friendly touch of another human he'd felt for over 15 years. The Guardsman and Mother of Champions stood with their children and the rest of the Great Ten against a Taiwanese robot army in the Gobi.


  • Radiation Production: Lu Gao is the most radioactive human being on the planet. He constantly emits lethal levels radiation which must be contained by his suit.
    • Energy Projection: With the aid of his containment suit, he is able to project his radiation as high temperature plasma blasts.


  • Technological Reliability: Without his containment suit, Socialist Red Guardsman uncontrollably emits lethal levels of radiation, endangering most living beings in his vicinity.


  • Socialist Red Guardsman Armor: Based on technology reverse engineered at the Great Wall Complex from the Durlan spaceship that crashed in Qinghai Province, the armor provides shielding for Gu Lao to interact with others. The armor also helps him to better focus his plasma energy blasts via a projector in its chestplate. It provides these additional functions:



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