Quote1 I allowed you into my sanctum to dispose of you... fascinatingly! Quote2
Guano Cravat src
Guano Cravat is a disgusting and slovenly industrialist who became an enemy to Richard Dragon.

He is also known as a weapons dealer. Cravat hired an agent known as the Swiss to track an employee who had betrayed him, and this lead to the death of a girl named Carolyn Woosan. The agency G.O.O.D. took notice of Cravat, and their leader Barney Ling sent Carolyn's friend Richard Dragon to stop him. Cravat had convinced Carolyn's sister, the legendary martial artist Lady Shiva, that Dragon was responsible for Carolyn's death. He made his two enemies Lady Shiva and Richard Dragon fight to the death while he recorded it on camera. Dragon convinced Shiva that Cravat was lying to her, and they took Cravat down working together.[1]

Despite the efforts of Dragon and Shiva, Cravat would return to take revenge. He hired Doctor Moon to build a gang of surgically-enhanced brutes. These brutes were sent to attack Richard Dragon's Kung Fu School. Dragon and Shiva traced these men back and were able to defeat Cravat's gang. This battle injured Dragon, and Shiva was forced to take him to the hospital while Cravat and Moon escaped.[2] It is unknown what happened to Cravat after this incident.



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