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Quote1.png I am the last Sureen. There are no others left. Quote2.png
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Guarav Ghate is one of the Sureen, a group dedicated to worshipping the avatar of The Green.

Gift of The Sureen

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Despite The Sureen once being a very large group, their numbers depleted leaving Guarav as the sole member when Alec Holland and Capucine arrive in India. They attempt to undo the rite of Locum by forcing the Sureen to undo it, upon their arrival, however, Guarav immediately recognises Alec despite him being trapped in Pistil's body[1] and after explaining the situation assists Alec's retrieval of Swamp Thing's body.

Whilst Guarav gathers the materials and prepares for Locum ritual he invites Alec to dine with Miki who has been living at the monastery with the Sureen to prolong her life - though this is unknown to Alec. Miki is the male avatar of The Grey and lives through human bodies, of various gender, rather than that of the avatar's because he finds it repulsive.[2] Guarav places Alec's spirit inside of Miki's old body which he uses to recover the avatar's body, once he returns he and Guarav then trick Miki back into the body of the Grey. After a rampage by Miki, Alec, Capucine and Guarav return to Louisiana.[3]

Back at the house, Lady Weeds and Wolf had begun to plot against Alec and his allies and in a fit of frustration Lady Weeds injects Wolf with an unknown formula and stabs Brother Jonah who Guarav stabilises but knows will not survive much longer.[4]

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