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The Guardians of the Universe lead the Green Lantern Corps.


The Guardians' role is functionally identical to that of their normal counterpart. One major difference is that Ganthet, and presumably Sayd, never defected to form the Blue Lantern Corps and are still Guardians. When Superman's Regime becomes more pronounced in its control of Earth, the Guardians send Guy Gardner to Earth in order to talk to Superman; Ganthet accompanies Guy to Earth.

Ganthet attempts to dissuade Superman from seeking further control of Earth, but is met with the revelation that the Green Lantern Corps did nothing to save Krypton from destruction. Before the violence can escalate, Gardner calms the Guardian and Kryptonian down. Ganthet and the other Lanterns retreat to Oa, where the Guardians enact a massive recall to all active Green Lanterns to return to Oa. The Guardians confer with Hal Jordan in an attempt to earn his support and detract from Superman. The Guardians dismiss Jordan when they realize they have failed to sway him, and call Kilowog to create a party to take Superman to Oa for questioning. Hal lashes out in violence and attacks other Lanterns, but is subdued and his ring removed by Kilowog and John Stewart.

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