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The Guild of Detection is a group of detectives led by Slam Bradley.


According to Hawkman, the Guild (and its meeting place) has "existed for eons," though only a few know of it. It is a society of detectives, specifically those who are drawn to solving mysteries for its own sake (though every known member is also a hero in their own right). The members of the Guild work on "the great unsolved cases . . . All of 'em." This includes celestial and cosmic mysteries at the very limits of science but also matters of magic and faith. These cases are stored in a massive library that takes up at least two floors in the Guild's headquarters.

The history of the Guild is unknown. Detective Chimp states that older members leave clues to show the way for new ones, though only some of those who left clues for Batman are present when the Dark Knight is formally introduced to the Guild and insinuates this is how all members are inducted into the group. Who founded the Guild, established its headquarters, or inducted previous members is unknown even to senior members. Even its true name (if one exists) is unknown.


  • Hawkman states that the organization has no real name; "Guild of Detection" is a nickname the present group uses.

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