Guillermo Barrera, better known as Brutale, was a deadly interrogator in Hasaragua.

When the regime in the country changed he moved the the United States to becom one of crime lord La Dama's right hand men.

Along with fellow La Dama henchmen Bone-Crusher and Coyote, he was sent to retrieve an ancient scarab, stolen by the Brotherhood of Evil. During their battle the backpack with the scarab got into the hands of unsuspecting bystander Jaime Reyes. After chasing the boy in an alley with Bone-Crusher, Brutale threw knives at Jaime's back, accidentally hitting the scarab and activating the scarab, which had fused to the boy's spine. With the armor at his disposal, Jaime pierced Brutale and Bone-Crusher's bodies with his hands. Amazingly, both of them survived the encounter and returned to La Dama.




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