Runt is a member of Gen14.

Guillermo is one the 14th generation of super-powered beings created by Tabula Rasa. He and his Gen14 teammates were meant to act as breeding stock for Gen13. After Armageddon, the Tabula Rasa facilities were taken over by the remnants of the United States government. Gen13 is only one of the super-powered groups the government is after. Guillermo is repeatedly cloned and used for target practice.

After Colonel Darling was defeated, Guillermo and Ditto joined Gen13 in their journey. He and his friends were beckoned to the Authority's call in UnLondon and offered the chance to leave Earth on the Carrier. Guillermo stayed on Earth and helped Earth's heroes battle against the Knights of Khera. During the raging battle in UnLondon, Guillermo became romantically infatuated with Stormwatch PHD member Diva (Isabella Fermi).


Body Mass-Morphia: grows to gargantuan sizes.



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