The Gulf of Bothnia runs north from the Baltic Sea, between Sweden and Finland, in Real World geography. It runs north from the Baltin Sea, between Southland and Finway in Quality Universe geography.



  • Eland, Finway, Northland, Southland, and the Gulf of Bothnia all appear in a map on the splash panel of the X-5, Super Agent story in Hit Comics #4. Their geographic positions on that map correspond, respectively, to those of Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The caption of the 2nd panel on the 1st page identifies Tradheim as being in Northland; in Real World geography Tradheim is in Norway. No other mention or reference to the names of any of these countries is made for the remainder of the story. It may be that this map, in the context of the Quality Universe, is merely symbolic, after the fashion of many earlier Will Eisner spy story splash panels, including several for both Black X and X-5.

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