Gunbunny was the partner of the sniper assassin known as Gunhawk and a proficient assassin in her own right.

She and Gunhawk were hired to murder someone in Gotham City, where they encountered the second Batman, but thanks to their superior firepower, they outgunned him.[1] Unfortunately, Gunbunny was seriously hurt by a bullet in the struggle and Gunhawk took her to a hospital in order to give her medical attention. While the doctors managed to save her, Gunhawk was captured by Batman.[2]

Later, joining the Ravens, she adopted the alias Pistolera.[3] She provided her services as a professional assassin and soon, she was recruited by Penguin to be part of an auction sale.[4] She was introduced in the great gang war and she worked together with Vicious. During one of their feats, they were confronted by Renee Montoya and using their unique abilities, they managed to hurt Montoya on the shoulder.[5] Soon after, they attacked the East Side of Gotham and were confronted by Catwoman, who beat them with ease. Pistolera shot an oil truck, creating an explosion that distracted Catwoman and allowed them to escape. Pistolera decided to let Catwoman live, since she was very impressed with her skills.[6] Soon, they were confronted and defeated by Robin. Pistolera tried to shoot him, but Robin was able to hold her hands and made her fall to the ground while disarming her as well. Pistolera and Vicious were tied and subsequently arrested by the GCPD.[7]

While working with the Secret Society of Super-Villains, she was murdered by Deadshot of the Secret Six for her assassination of Knockout.[8]




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