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Quote1 With my new super strength, nothing can stop me. I'll turn this whole world into Gorrok's empire of slaves. Quote2
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Gundor Gorrok is an inter-galactic space-criminal and enemy of Salden.

He was arrested by the Law Bringer Salden, and took revenge by murdering his wife Lyella when he escaped from prison. Gorrok fled to Earth, although Salden managed to follow him on the spaceship. They were stranded after a crash, and discovered that the planet's lower gravity gave them incredible powers. Reverend Darrk of the Church of Eternal Empowerment offered him help in taking his revenge, and Gorrok almost caused international military conflict when he kidnapped a Chinese dignitary and framed the United States government. Salden, taking the name Superman given by his publicist Lois Lane, defeated Gorrok and saved the dignitary. Gorrok was buried underneath tons of rubble during an accident with a rocket launcher.[1]


  • Gundor Gorrok is clearly intended as a counterpart of traditional Superman enemy Lex Luthor, as he is another arch-nemesis with no hair and an alliterative name.



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