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Plastic Man was a member of the Secret Six.

After becoming composed entirely of plastic, scientist Gunther Ganz joined a collective to oppose Dr. Aquadus, a living ocean; this group became the Secret Six. The Secret Six were effective in their plan to stop Dr. Aquadus (also known as Aquaman) and the team went on to have many other successful missions. One such mission Ganz with the help of Secret Six teammates Flash and Spectre were able to retrieve Ganz's real body from the labs of Nightwing. During a firefight with Nightwing Firestorm troopers Ganz learned that his real body could be conscious and control his plastic form as well.

When the SuperMan (Harvey Dent) took over his world and started to take away freedom from the people, Ganz along with his teammates was confronted Harvey Dent on the parameter of the White House. His polymer form was largely destroyed by Dent and only existed in pieces for a while.

Plastic Man survived Harvey Dent's mental attacks on his "living polymer" form which can temporarily assume external shapes in response to Ganz's mental commands. Nevertheless he was willing to help his allies in opposing Dent though suggested to be in the eventuality to be able to exact some sort of personal revenge on Dent for Dent killing his original body rather than for the benefit of the populace of Earth-9.

Members of the Secret Six joined forces with the Night Force to make the group known as the Outsiders. While in that group Sir William and Hex managed to work some magic that gave Ganz a controllable physical form again, which proved quite effective as they battled the SuperMan on New Earth. Ganz would get the satisfaction of being able to bowl over the SuperMan in a surprise attack which led up to the SuperMan's defeat.


  • Mind Transmitting : Ganz can also transmit his mind into other substances for a short period of time though such act increases the chances his mind will evaporate.


Containment vessel, which hasn't been in use since he was magically repaired.





  • According to artist Tom Grummett, Plastic Man was created as the "big guy in the group (Secret Six) - a big action figure, really."[1]



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