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Quote1 My Pubba taught me, that if I saw a human, I should hide. But I am done hiding! You can't hurt any more of my friends. Until I got here, I hadn't met anybody like me, until I met Wendy. She's smart, strong, kind and brave. She does not deserve to die. Her brother Roy didn't deserve to die, and Peter didn't deserve to die! You tried to scare me. But you're scared too. The Sick is your enemy, not us! Quote2
Gus src

Gus (acronym for Genetic Unit Series 1) is the first Hybrid kid created by Dr. Gertrude Miller before the H5G9 virus pandemic. A year after his "father's" death, Gus decided to find his "mother" with the help of the former Last Man Thomas Jepperd, which nicknamed Gus as "Sweet Tooth" due to his obsession with candies.