Gus Yale was a hacker working for the Birds of Prey as Oracle.

Yale was a hacker operating in Gotham City. He was inspired by the work done by Barbara Gordon when she was operating under the Oracle alias. When Oracle disappeared, Gus took on the mantle for himself. Inspired by Oracle and her operations, he quickly became Batgirl's biggest fan and boasted an extensive collection of Batgirl memorabilia.

After taking on the identity of Oracle, Gus Yale began selling information to the crime families of Gotham City. During this time, Barbara Gordon discovered that a new hacker was operating under her old moniker. The memory of Oracle had a surprising effect on Barbara and she set about investigating. Assembling a new version of the Birds of Prey, Batgirl, Black Canary, and Huntress soon uncovered Gus' base of operations in the penthouse suite of Gotham Clock Tower. After confronting the hacker, Gus tells the Birds that he was working for them, that all of his actions to that point had been for their benefit, and that he wants to join the Birds of Prey. The Birds are hesitant but eventually give him a probationary membership to the team.

Later, the villain Burnrate brutally tortured Gus, which resulted in his death.[1]




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