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Quote1.png Look at me. You see what most people see--Doctor Guy Dax. A respected neurosurgeon, a family man with two beautiful daughters and a gifted, brilliant wife. No one knows that my ugliness is inside. Or what I do to others, I often dream of doing to my own family. Polite society does not permit me to be the man I truly am. Mine is the twisted soul of a monster. In order to give expression to the honest beast within, I am compelled to an elaborate process of disguise. Inside I am broken, perverse, grotesque and violent. The image of my selfloathing I call Le Bossu. Quote2.png
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Guy Dax is the French villain Le Bossu, a member of the Black Glove.

A respected neurosurgeon, a family man with two daughters and a talented wife, Doctor Guy Dax hid sociopathic tendencies from his friends and family by becoming Le Bossu. In this role, he acquired a gang of henchmen, who dressed like gargoyles.

He was recruited into the Club of Villains by Doctor Simon Hurt and he challenged them to cover up the death of the coachmen he killed on the way in. After hearing that by the end of the night the man's cause of death will be proven to be a suicide, he joined the team.[1]

Not long after joining, he sent one of his gargoyles to attack Batman and dose him with a librium that made him susceptible to psychological manipulation. After breaking Batman's mind, Le Bossu and his gargoyles infiltrated the Batcave and attacked Alfred.[2]

He was a key part of their plan to destroy Batman, having Nightwing drugged and incarcerated in Arkham.[3] Dax also managed to infiltrate Arkham as a doctor[4] and he was responsible for recruiting Joker to their plan. When the time came, Dax and his henchmen attacked Jeremiah Arkham, incapacitated him and he freed Joker from his cell.[5] Later, Dax's henchmen carried a bunch of roses into Arkham and they also dragged Jezebel Jet inside.[6]

When Batman arrived at Arkham, Dax freed Joker from his cell and confessed a great admiration towards him, to which the Joker responded by mutilating his face.[7] Still bleeding and almost unable to speak, Le Bossu made his way to where Nightwing was being held and prepared to lobotomize him. Unfortunately, Le Bossu's delay caused the drugs in Nightwing to wear off, and he managed to subdue the villains and escape.[8]

In the wake of the Black Glove's conspiracy, the Club of Villains was destroyed and Le Bossu became a Gotham criminal, since he could not return home without exposing his secret life to his family and the authorities, but he was stopped and captured by Batman six months after the events at Arkham Asylum.[8]




In his criminal persona, he uses prosthetics to make himself appear to suffer from kyphosis, a condition that generates an unnatural curvature of the spine; also known as a "hunchback". He also wears a grotesque mask to complete the illusion.[7]


Le Bossu travels equipped with a heavy stave, which he uses in close combat.

  • Le Bossu's civilian identity was revealed in Batman #680.
  • Guy Dax wears a mask to create the heavy-browed face of Le Bossu; his own face is more conventional.



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