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Quote1 It doesn't matter. It's a power ring. Whatever color... all that matters is what I do with it. Quote2
Guy Gardner src

Guy Gardner is the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, after having previously been a Red Lantern of that sector.

Early life

Guy Gardner was born into a family of cops in Baltimore, Maryland. He grew up in the shadows, never living up to the hopes of his parents Ebenezer and Gillian. His brother Gerard was their first-born, and Gloria was their princess. Guy was, as he described it, an "afterthought". Gerard was the star, at school and at sports, and Guy wasn't. The lack of love from his parents made it easier to cope with the death of his mother than the others. However, her death definitely hurt Gerard, who started to take out his pent up anger on Guy. This went on for days until Gloria intervened and Guy beat his brother with a baseball bat. Guy let out all his anger on his brother and it changed him. However, because he broke his brother's arm, which ruled him out for the rest of the football season, his dad, Ebenezer, wasn't too happy with him. Gerard showed remorse.[1] Guy and his siblings joined in the family trade, even after their father, the city's most decorated officer, was forced into retirement after being shot. Ebenezer found solace in the bottle, listening to the police scanner all day.

As a young man, Guy joined the Baltimore Police Department, like the rest of his family. Three years into his career, Officer Gardner shot a suicide bomber before he could get on a plane; the resulting explosion killed ten bystanders. In the aftermath, Guy resigned from the force; this resulted in an even bigger rift between himself and his father.[2]

After his sister's graduation, Gerard tried to get Guy and their father to mend fences with Orioles tickets, but it only made things worse. After the fight, Guy overheard the scanner of Gerard's distress call. As it was just a few blocks out, Guy decided to help his brother, who was being attacked by a gang of drug dealers. Guy charged headlong into them, and somehow made it out alive. He extracted Gerard and his deceased partner, Marcus. Gerard was dying, and Guy, along with driving and shooting at the gang, had to comfort his brother, who felt sorry for being afraid, and for Marcus' young daughter. He made his way to the hospital, but not fast enough. He was found by a Green Lantern Ring, who detected his ability to overcome great fear, and safely dropped his brother off at the hospital.[3]

Green Lantern Corps

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With the most recent events of Hal Jordan being expelled from the Corps after killing Krona in the War of the Green Lanterns, Kyle Rayner being a part of an independent group of ring bearers, and John Stewart being put on trial for killing another Lantern, it appeared that Guy was the only Green Lantern on Earth that the Guardians of the Universe could rely on. However, the Guardians were secretly sabotaging Guy's career after building it up, ensuring there would no further resistance from Earth.[4]

The Death of Superman

During the period when he used a Qwardian Power Ring he and fellow Justice League members Booster Gold, Fire and Bloodwynd attacked Doomsday during his attack on Metropolis but where defeated.[5]

The Third Army

The Guardians began their plan when they promoted Gardner to the rank Sentinel Lantern and entrusted him with the mission of guarding a group of ambassadors travelling to a planet for a crucial conference. While Gardner was away from Earth on his mission The Guardians would release Guy's old enemy Xar from the Science cells and create the impression that he is going after Guy's family on Earth. As they predicted, Guy abandoned his duty and return to Earth to protect his loved ones. When he left Xar attacked the delegations and left no one alive, including the Corps members Guy left in place.[6]

Red Lantern Corps

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Red Lanterns Vol 1 21 Textless

Guy Gardner as an agent of the Red Lantern Corps

Sometime after the battle against the Third Army, Guy Gardner was starting doubt himself and felt like he truly never belonged with the Green Lanterns. He was approached by Hal Jordan who asked him to go undercover and join the Red Lantern Corps. Once he gained entrance with Red Lanterns Guy challenged the leader of the Red Lanterns Atrocitus in combat.[7] During his time as the leader of the Red Lantern Gardner managed keep his rage in check, while successfully leading most of the Red Lanterns in keeping the galaxy safe from Atrocitus and his splinter group and allows new Red rings to cause murderous justice-based rampages to continue.

Lights Out

After working with the Green Lanterns to defeat the cosmic terrorist Relic, Hal promises to give the Red Lanterns a sector for them to watch over. Unfortunately the sector in question was Sector 2814, where Earth resides, giving guardianship of Earth to the Red Lantern Corps.[8] Guy would also declare that no Green Lantern can enter their sector. As an added condition Hal requested that the newest Green Lantern recruit Simon Baz would be stationed on Earth to keep an eye on the Earth on behalf of Green Lanterns as their ambassador.[9]

Godhead and Rage

On Earth, Guy Gardner was attacked by agents of Highfather, during their war against ring bearers. Saved by Simon Baz, the two faced near defeat if not for the agents being recalled by their ruler. Overhearing the transmission Simon and Guy later planned to storm New Genesis, the latter enraged by his own failings in handling his mission as leader of the Corps.[10] Asking Cyborg for use of his boom-tube, the two boom-tubed into onto New Genesis, but were instantly captured.[11]

Breaking out, Guy and Baz were met with a now scarred Malhedron, who has since sided with the Lanterns during Highfather's rashness. Warned of Izaya's plan to use the collective rings as a weapon of control, the duo would attack the smithing Hyalt. Successfully recapturing the rings and escaping while Hyalt recovered and freeing them to their original hosts.[12] Joining in the final battle against the New Gods, freeing the captured Lanterns during the assault. With Kyle's victory over Highfather, all Corps were recognized to be fit protectors of the universe and Gardner returned to Earth.[13]

Returning to Earth, Guy found that the planet had become infected with the Red Light of Rage the energy infecting entire cities. Absorbing the latent rage back into himself, Guy began seeing visions of humanity's rage. Blaming himself, Guy began absorbing the rage en masse and mercy killing those too far gone.[14] During a talk with his sister, Gloria, Guy, sickened by his absorptions and expulsions began overloading with Red Rage. Sending Gloria off, Guy after hearing her message touched into Hope and purged the red infection from the planet and himself. With a new perspective on both Hope and Anger, Guy abandoned his Red Ring.[15]

The Lost Army

Green Lantern The Lost Army Vol 1 4 Textless

Suddenly, Gardner was transported wielding both Red and Green Lantern Rings to an unknown sector. Confused, he joined with John Stewart's party and Krona, aiding in the defeat of a scant party of Cleaners. Navigating in space the group encountered an energy pyramid giving off a powerful Rage Energy.[16] With Lightsmiths appearing the group faces near defeat, yet running low on charge Gardner and John fly towards the pyramid, attuning the machine to Willpower energy and causing the red-energy fueled aliens to flee as their rings charge to 200%.

Leaving they come to across another hoard of unreactive Cleaners, only to come across a younger Relic.[17] Figuring out they had been sent so far back in time they now reside in the dying universe before their own Guy and the Lanterns follow Relic to his ship, figuring he is there best shot in this unknown time coming to lie to the future villain about who they are. Guy, uncertain of this dishonesty from John confronts him of this and his decision to take the lead without anyone else's thoughts.[18]

Sharing his thoughts to prevent Krona and Relic from becoming the future villains and to save this dying universe, however the two are interrupted by Light Pirates. Defeated with Krona and Relic departing, Guy and the Lanterns were caged. Paired with Kilowog the two debated the use of their rings in this dying world. Let free from B'dg's Guy's rings returned and escaped with Relic and Krona's return. Finding Mogo and the rest of the Corps under attack, Guy defended the planet from the Lightsmiths attempt to convert the Lantern into Emotional Energy. However the attempt turned Mogo himself into an emotional converter sending the attackers away and turning Guy's rings both Green.[19]

Edge of Oblivion

Six months passed, and without any progress the Corps had begun growing irate. Sending a pulse to attract any fellow lost Lanterns, Mogo inadvertently attracted the attention of a meteorite with Guy and the Corps attempting to stop the collision of the two bodies. However the construct was crushed by the mysterious Dimsas who was stopped by Ausras. With the two helping escape this dying universe, Guy convened with the rest of the Lanterns eventually coming to help the meteorite reveal the traveling planet despite his protests.[20]

Later finding the dead Mukmuk, Guy and Corps investigated and found that Marinel, a powerful cult leader, may be responsible. Interrupted before they could search, Marinel's zealots attacked the engines of the last planet sending Gardner and co to ease the situation as a tear in the fabric of the universe cracked open nearby. Returning to Mogo thereafter, Guy and Kilowag fought over the last of B'dg and Arisia to the fabric and Marinel.

Parting, he mourned over the Last City coming to agree with Ausras that he must stop Marinel to make sure everyone is safe. Finding Marinel below the surface Guy and his party lost, the alien taking their rings for her own. However she revealed to them that Ausras and Dimsas had been playing the corps after taking over the Last City for their own. Returning their rings, Guy under the influence attempted to flee, warning the rest of the unaware Lanterns of the plan to stop the two. [21]

Returning to his senses Guy participated in the plan to fool the two planet-eaters by drawing them out and letting the duo be hit by Mogo's light, revealing them. [22] With the universe dying around them, the Lanterns fought against the two pushing them down into the lost planet as they ferried away the residents into the suspected exit of this universe, the rift in reality. Reaching it, the Lanterns escaped out of the dying universe.[23]

Return of the Lanterns

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol 1 5 Textless Variant

 Main articles: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Sinestro's Law (Collected) and Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Bottled Light (Collected)

Apart of the now diminished Stewart-led numbers of the Green Lantern Corps, Gardner was chosen by John alongside to scout out the stars, entrusted by the leader to return in 24 hours.[24] But was ultimately captured by Sinestro Corp members shortly after and presented to their Corps leader. Presented with the Fear Engine, the source of his Corps incredible rise to power, Sinestro ordered Gardner's torture for information.

Yet with Jordan's attack on Warworld, Gardner was placed as fuel to the Fear Engine. But with Soranik Natu's intervention, Gardner and the other captives enacted a jailbreak causing the Engine to fail. Escaping with a remnant of Sinestro Corps members true to Natu, Gardner returned to Mogo after Sinestro's defeat by Jordan.[25]

With all but a few of the Sinestro Corps remaining, Guy Gardner was among the Corps members chosen to stop an invasion on another planet. Facing Starro alongside Soranik's Corps, both groups soon found themselves within the grasps of a ploy being trapped in a domed field around the planet with the Starro controlled people.[26]

Figuring out that it was a Larfleeze controlled Brainiac drone behind their imprisonment, the bottled Corps became a part of the Orange Lantern's collection. Tricking Larfleeze into freeing them by risking mutual destruction Guy and the Corps were freed and began fighting against the Orange Avatar.[27] With the reintroduction of Kyle, Jordan, Ganthet and Sayd, the Corps put an end to Larfleeze's scheme. Reunited Guy and Corps returned to Mogo.[28]


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol 1 16 Textless

With the aid of Cabbie, Gardner went under a personal quest to find Arkillo against Stewart. Bringing Cabbie to Mogo to find his location, Gardner then went to find Arkillo, leaving behind his ring. There he faced down Arkillo, convincing him to fight ringless, and despite the difference in power he succeeded in defeating the lieutenant before succumbing to his wounds. Securing his victory he was brought back to Mogo to recover.[29] Later a hardly recovered Guy help broker peace between the fused Yellow-Green Corps alongside Arkillo during the construction of the Yellow Power Battery[30] and helped defend the planet from Sarko's attack.[31]

Gardner acted in defense of Mogo during the time-displaced Sarko's offense against the Lanterns.[32] With the villain's death, news of Tomar-Tu's murder of a Yellow Lantern and reveal that Sarko's parents being that of Rayner and Soranik a maddened Natu broke free from the alliance and attacked the Green Lanterns along with the rest of her Corps. Gardener once more had to fight Arkillo, but under respect for the alien could not swing at him before the battle was settled with the Yellow Lantern's parting.[33]

Fully recovered, Guy was present during the attack of Yuga Khan's golems. With the Corps figuring out the Old God was being freed by these machine's Gardner joined Stewart's party in stopping the plan where they were later joined by Hal Jordan and Highfather. [34]

Twilight of the Guardians and Beyond

 Main article: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Twilight of the Guardians (Collected)

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol 1 35 Textless

During the Controller's return, Jordan, Kyle, and Gardener split off to find the lost Guardians. Beating information out of an alien, returning and pooling their information the trio figured out the trio pooled their information together with Stewart present. Figuring out where the Guardians were, they all parted to Sector 3001. Battling through the Controller's army the four Honor Guards attacked the Controller's directly.[35] Although pushed down by Kellic, leader of the Controllers, Jordan and Stewart were able to free the rest of the Guardians, bringing the retired ones back into the Corps.[36]

When an energized Rayner wearing Jordan's ring returned to Mogo bearing news of Zod's freedom and weapons capable of piercing constructs, Guy was among the first to join in stopping the House of Zod despite the New Guardian's wish to wait. However, Gardener was defeated by Lor-Zod and was forced to return to Mogo after the Guardians' and Stewart's entrance and ceasefire.[37]

With the return of the Darkstars, Stewart was among the Corps members who attempted to rein the new group in before being ambushed and teleported back to Mogo.[38] Gardner soon after began searching for aid in the form of Arkillo.[39] Midway through figuring the Yellows would not help, Tomar-Tu appeared offering Gardner justice in the Darkstars which he promptly accepted.[40]

Returning to Earth, Gardner nearly killed his father under influence of the armor before being stopped by Arkillo.[41] [42] Returning to Mogo with Arkillo, Guy, Corps, and allies began fighting the Darkstars as Jordan disabled their logistics.[43] With order returned Garnder joined the rest of the Honor Guard as newly made rings searched for recruits.[44]

Doomsday Clock

 Main article: Doomsday Clock Vol 1

After Superman is framed and rendered comatose, Guy Gardner joined the group of heroes heading towards Mars to confront their mysterious enemy. The heroes meet and engage Doctor Manhattan, but they are easily defeated.[45]


Other Characteristics



"In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power...Green Lantern's light!"



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