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"Guy Gardner Reborn": With the Qwardian armies storming out of the portal, Guy Gardner and Lobo are the first line of defense between Oa and the invaders. The Guardians project themselves

Quote1.png Don't deserve it, he says. That's what they all say. "Guy don't deserve it. Guy don't deserve nothin'. Guy's garbage." All my life they been makin' me feel like garbage. All of 'em. Lovers. Partners. Enemies. Parents. But I hung in. I took it. I showed 'em! I have nothing... 'cept what I took. 'Cept what I got by my own pain. By my own guts! By my own strength! Remember, damn it -- when you gotta do somethin', you give it everything. No doubts. No softness. No nothin'! Yeah, Sinestro. You got the experience. You got the brains. You got the control. But I got one thing you ain't got. I got your ring! Quote2.png
Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner Reborn #3 is an issue of the series Guy Gardner Reborn (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1992.

Synopsis for "Guy Gardner Reborn"

With the Qwardian armies storming out of the portal, Guy Gardner and Lobo are the first line of defense between Oa and the invaders. The Guardians project themselves to thwart the raging forces, but the Weaponers of Qward shoot them with the Anti-Oan cannons, incapacitating the Guardians. As Lobo continues to tear up Weaponers left and right, Guy tries to escape and move toward the Citadel. Suddenly, the Green Lantern Corps come to fight the invaders, and Guy convinces them to let him see the Guardians. After calling Kilowog for instructions -who is on Earth involved in the Eclipso affair-, the Green Lanterns take Guy to the Citadel.

However, Guy takes a detour and heads to the Crypts of the Green Lantern Corps, where he searches for Sinestro's body. Upon finding the corpse encased on a glass coffin, Guy starts to panic because he can't open it. Suddenly, John Stewart surprises him and tries to prevent Guy from stealing the ring. At that moment, Sinestro's soul -who roamed free through Oa until then- possesses John's body and attacks Guy. The blast shatters the glassy coffin and wounds Guy. The possessed John approaches Sinestro's corpse to reclaim his body, but Guy stops him. Both of them grab the power ring and have a battle of wills. In the end, it is Guy's guts and strength which overpower Sinestro, and the renegade's ghost vanishes. Victorious, Guy puts the prized ring on his finger.

Meanwhile, the Weaponers continue with their invasion. Getting past the forces of the Green Lanterns, they get ready to attack the Guardians directly. At the last moment, Guy Gardner saves the day by crushing the invaders and forcing them to retreat with his new power ring. Lobo yells at Gardner, demanding the ring Guy promised. Guy excuses himself, saying that the deal was to trash Qward, not Oa. Leaving his former colleague behind, Guy sets off toward Earth. John stops him in his tracks, but Gardner overpowers John and throws him to the Guardians' Citadel. While Guy brags about his newfound greatness, the Guardians worry about what has been unleashed this day.

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  • Qwardian tanks


  • Green Lantern Medphyll appears as a corpse in the Crypts. He was apparently killed in Invasion! #1. However, he's seen alive later on in Green Lantern's history.
  • Guy Gardner gets a scar on his left eyebrow in this issue. The same scar can be seen later on in subsequent stories.

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