Gwendolyn is a young serving-wench who runned scams for Reverend Slaggingham in London, trapping souls of everyone she can, transforming them into automatons dubbed 'the gents'.[1]

While workig for Slaggingham, she was called 'Sister Staylace', and between the people she captured was Auberon, King of The Fair Lands. She did not find much pleasure on creating 'gents' for Slaggingham, but she had to do it to survive. In fact, when Slaggingham's base of operations below London flooded, she was the only one who came back for the gents, only been able to rescue Auberon. She helped him recover his soul, and for this was perdoned by Queen Titania, and promised a boon by Auberon, that she desisted.[2]

After this, she went to Tim Hunter's house to work as a servant until William and Tim could fend for themselves. Then she leaved their services, in Tim's birthday, without a goodbye, so he woudln't be sad.[3]

Later she went into service of Miss Morehead and took care of Mary Hunter's grave, where were growing fruits with her memories, that Gwendolyn took to make preserves with the hope to give someday to Tim.[4]



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