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H'Elgn was enslaved on Hope's End by the Sangtee Empire where she befriended Nol Lapp, Wonder Woman and Natasha Teranova.

H'Elgn escaped Hope's End during a slave revolt lead by Wonder Woman. Following their escape she became part of Wonder Woman's pirate revolutionary group that continued freeing slaves with guerrilla tactics before forcing the empire to abolish slavery altogether. H'Elgn headed the revolutionaries tech division, helping to deconstruct, understand, re-purpose, and improve the captured kreel technology. She also developed a bionic eye for Julia of Daxam.

When Wonder Woman and Natasha Teranova returned to Earth, H'Elgn remained as part of the new captain Ectreba's crew to help get the remaining slaves who were trying to return home to their home worlds and maintain the fleet to prevent the empire from trying to reinstate slavery.



  • The Hippolyta (space ship)